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Chats show Aryan Khan asking Ananya Panday for drugs

The NCB is using these chats, which it considers 'incriminating evidence', to question the wards of actors Shah Rukh Khan and Chunky Panday

Even as the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has been interrogating Ananya Panday and Aryan Khan for their WhatsApp conversations on contraband substances, the television channel of India Today has claimed to have accessed some of these chats in which Aryan Khan and Ananya Panday discussed procuring drugs.

According to India Today, in a different chat, Aryan Khan jocularly threatened his friends that he would tip off the NCB against them. The NCB is now using these chats to question the wards of film actors Shah Rukh Khan and Chunky Panday.

While Aryan Khan is currently lodged at the Arthur Road prison, NCB has questioned Ananya Panday twice.

The NCB, sources said, considers the conversations “incriminating evidence” against Khan, Panday and others on a cruise ship during their rave party.

In the WhatsApp chats, Aryan Khan talks about buying drugs in bulk from one Achit Kumar. Aryan Khan had ordered drugs (weed) worth Rs 80,000 from Achit Kumar.

The WhatsApp data recovered from Aryan Khan’s phone shows group chats on drugs with two others. The NCB has access to Aryan Khan’s chats with three other celebrity wards apart from Ananya Panday.

The agency has learnt that there are some drug peddlers and suppliers who are expanding their operations and trying to penetrate into Bollywood and the glam world.

The NCB is examining Ananya Panday as a supplier who dealt in small quantities according to these chats. The probe agency will be using these discoveries to further corroborate the details with her during the next round of questioning.

The first incriminating chats date back to July 2019. In these WhatsApp chats, Ananya Panday and Aryan Khan discussed drugs, which Aryan mentioned as weed. To this, Ananya said that it’s in demand.

Aryan Khan then said, “I will take it from you in secret” and Anaya replied, “Fine”.

Aryan Khan: Weed

Ananya Panday: It’s in demand

Aryan: I will take it from you in secret

Ananya: Fine

According to the NCB, prima facie it appears that Ananya Panday was a small-quantity supplier for Aryan Khan

A second chat from the same date shows Ananya writing to Aryan, “Now I am in the business.”

Ananya: now that I am in the business

Aryan: you brought the weed?

Aryan: Ananya

Ananya: I am getting it

In the latest chat recovered by the NCB, dated 04.18.2021, Aryan Khan asked two of his friends about cocaine.

Aryan – Let’s get cocoain tommorrow (sic)

Aryan – I am getting you guys f****d.

Aryan – By NCB

Ironically, Aryan Khan threatened his friends with the name of NCB. The drugs control agency nabbed him along with 8 others from a Mumbai cruise ship on 3 October and him a day later. It has been over three weeks that he has been in custody in the drugs case.

On 26 October, the Bombay High Court will be his bail after the session court rejected the plea last week.


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