Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Channi Bad News For Punjab

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Much as Sonia-Rahul Gandhi’s choice for Punjab Charanjit Singh Channi is making news as Punjab’s ‘Dalit’ chief minister, he should be seen as a closet Christian associated, along with Navjot Singh Sidhu, with a surreptitious agenda of the missionaries to spread its footprints in the state. The Ramdasias, a community that Channi comes from, have largely converted. This is over and above the observation of political analyst Ramnik Singh Mann who says, after the exodus of Pandits, Sikhs in Kashmir are the next target of tablighis. The marginalised sections of the demography in Punjab, however, are not likely to see him as a non-Jat-but-Sikh head, as his hobnobbing with missionaries is seen as detrimental to the interests of the entire Sikh Panth and then, placing a person from a so-called underprivileged section in the seat of power for a few months does not impress those who have been debarred from entering gurudwaras for centuries, forcing them to either go to deras for a spiritual pursuit or convert. The Scheduled Castes and OBCs of Punjab are, provided they vote on caste lines alone, will find the Akali Dal, which has the BSP as an ally now, more credible. Of course, this credibility stands dented too, as Akali-controlled SGPC is watching the silent conversions in the state as a mute spectator. The choice of the INC high command is a setback for the BJP for sure as, since the departure of SAD from the NDA, it had been trying to go it alone, relying on the non-Jat electorate. In any case, the ‘saffron’ party is not strong organisation-wise in the state, thanks to its tendency to let its ally lead, which is witnessed in several states — remarkably in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh — where the BJP should have made a mark long ago but did not, lest it should damage the prospects of a ‘friendly’ party. The AAP, meanwhile, fancies better chances this time without the Khalistani baggage it was carrying five years ago. But the repetitive bipolarity of elections, a situation that the party of Delhi thrives on, has suddenly gone missing in Punjab. As things stand now, none among the INC, SAD-BSP, BJP and AAP appears to win a clear majority in the state in 2022.

For the country, the greater issue after the unceremonious exit of a patriot like Capt Amarinder Singh is what will become of the society of Punjab under the stewardship of Channi. The situation was documented well by evangelist Sabu Mathai Kathettu in a 2009 report. No longer concentrated only in the districts of Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Firozpur, Jalandhar and Ludhiana, Christians are now everywhere in Punjab — mostly still in a Sikh-like get-up. Soon, all these converts will be at the beck and call of Western disruptive elements, both Catholic and Protestant. The subterfuge of evangelists, wherein they urge ‘born-again’ Christians to maintain a disguise of their old faiths so as not to raise an alarm among Hindus, is engineering a silent and disastrous change in state after state. For long, the crypto breed remained confined in the Northeast, with only Christians of Kerala and Goa not hiding their religious identity. Gradually, missionaries converted large sections of populations of other south Indian states in a manner the census could not catch. How dangerous an outcome closet Christianity could bring forth was seen in the lynching of sadhus in Palghar, where the then-Home Minister Anil Deshmukh got away with the excuse that none of the suspects belonged to any minority community. The secret behind Sikhs visibly antagonising India from different forums of Canada, the United States and the is the fact that many of them just fake it with beards and turbans while they are actually -goers. With Punjab on its command, all-powerful Punjab Congress leader Sidhu saying “hallelujah” this year after hugging Pakistan Army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa in 2019 and murder accused-turned-Pastor Bajinder Singh on the prowl, the conversion brigade has launched a pincer attack on the identity of the Indian nation from two ends of its map. Channi, a #MeToo accused whose wife is seen in the media for the first time with the holy cross hanging on her wall, epitomises the omen staring at a very sensitive border state of India. NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma has demanded his ouster. No prizes for guessing Sonia Gandhi wouldn’t oblige.

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