Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Chandrababu wants to transform Andhra Pradsh into a Singapore

Expressing such a desire, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu has said, “I had a hearty conversation with Singapore’s Foreign and Minister K Shanmugam and sought their nation’s expertise in building 3 mega cities and 30 smaller smart cities. I described to him in great detail about (sic) the new State (what is left after separating Telangana) and the new aspirations that will take shape with the founding of the new capital. Shanmugam promised to extend his Government’s full support towards developing Andhra Pradesh and its cities including spatial planning, tourism, delivery of services (such as water supply, sewage disposal and energy distribution) and technology.”

“Taking heart from Singapore’s inspirational story where it transformed itself from a neglected settlement to a thriving, global metropolis, our cities will follow suit to become the focal points of globalisation in south India and incubate growth and innovation to spread development across larger geographies around it. They will also stand out in terms of human and potential, sustainability, economic productivity, social equity and environmental diversity. People will live, work, play, shop and relax in a truly global environment,” Naidu concluded.

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