Tuesday 11 May 2021
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CCTV camera catches killers of Kamlesh Tiwari

Police began scrutiny of footage from CCTV cameras in the neighbourhood soon after the murder of Kamlesh Tiwari; the killers have been traced but not yet identified

On Friday afternoon in Lucknow, national president of Hindu Samaj Party Kamlesh Tiwari killed in his house in typical ISIS-style although the police are still investigating the probable role of the dreaded Islamic terrorist organisation. The killers were caught by a CCTV camera in the neighbourhood of Lucknow where the incident took place this afternoon.

The murderers, seen in saffron kurtas in the CCTV footage, had brought a pistol and a knife hidden in a box of sweets. After talking on mobile phones, the two killers first acquainted themselves with Tiwari — unlike the preliminary media reports that claimed they knew one another already — in the first room Kamlesh’s house for about half an hour. Then Tiwari was attacked with a knife. Kamlesh was found drenched in blood when his son returned to take pan masala a few minutes after the attack.

Neighbours helped Kamlesh Tiwari’s son rush him to the hospital where doctors declared him dead. The CCTV footage, sources said, would help identify the murderers. The police are looking for the killers based on the footage.


ISIS emerges as most probable killer of Kamlesh Tiwari

Members of Tiwari’s family said they heard the killers fire. However, no bullet marks have been found on Kamlesh’s body. Police said that a pistol was found on the spot. An official statement will be made on obtaining the post-mortem report, police sources said, adding that the pistol was used probably as a tool of intimidation.

The district magistrate has said that after finding the killers, action will be taken against them under the National Security Act (NSA).

Kamlesh Tiwari lived with his wife Kiran, two sons Rishi and Mridul in a two-storey house in Khurshid Bagh while his elder son Satyam lives in the ancestral village Mahmudabad. According to Kiran, two people had called her husband over the phone and come to meet him at home.

Kamlesh called the two suspects upstairs and asked them for tea. During the conversation, Tiwari sent his son Mridul downstairs with the servant to get some pan masala. Kiran said when the son returned, he saw Kamlesh lying in a pool of blood. Their driver then told them about the incident.

When Kiran reached the spot, she broke down. Hearing the commotion, neighbours rushed to their house.

Several officers, including the ADG, IG and SSP, reached the spot after the murder of Kamlesh Tiwari.

Meanwhile, police began scrutiny of the footage from nearby CCTV cameras. In the process, two killers as described above were seen in the tape of one of the cameras. They approached the Tiwari house from the main road.

Kamlesh was arrested in the year 2015 for a remark on Prophet Mohammed that had incensed Muslims, a section of whom had rioted in Malda of West Bengal. While Tiwari was slapped with NSA, the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad Court later dropped the law from the case.

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