Sunday 26 June 2022
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CBSE students relieved by 33% reduction in syllabi for 2 sessions

The committee working on reducing the curriculum has prepared the report based on the suggestions of managements of various schools, parents, states, academics and teachers

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced a 33% reduction in its for the next session (2021-22). This evening, the board issued another a notification in this regard on Twitter that said the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) had reduced the size of the syllabi of Classes 9 to 12 for the 2020-21 academic session in 22 states by one-third the normal volume.

Till the eighth grade, however, CBSE has offered the schools autonomy to decide the volumes of their respective curricula.

Union Minister for HRD Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank tweeted today about the ministry’s advice to the board regarding course cuts in view of the current situation. Shortly afterwards, the CBSE issued a circular of cuts in the syllabi.

CBSE decision based on ‘expert’ advice

A committee of educationists from the NCERT and CBSE had recommended the course reduction, said sources in the Ministry for Human Resource & Development.

The committee working on reducing the curriculum has prepared the report based on the suggestions of managements of various schools, parents, states, academics and teachers.

Further, the committee has taken care to remove entire chapters or topics, which are either repetitive or which can be covered under other chapters.

To cite an example from science, both physics and physical chemistry of the intermediate classes cover radioactivity, with the of one subject repeating the points already mentioned in another. Under the truncated scheme, only one of the two subjects will have this chapter, said a source in the CBSE.

CBSE students get relief of 30% reduction in syllabi for 2 sessions

Reduced syllabi of CBSE: FAQ for students

  1. How has the reduced? Have entire books been removed?
    No, the entire of no subject has been removed from the syllabus. The reduction mainly affects regional aspects or attributes. The experts have designed the cuts in such a way that the students get enough time to complete the respective courses — during the period when they missed physical attendance in classrooms and managed their studies from home. For the revised syllabi of Classes 9 to 12, click on this link.
  2. Will the things that have been removed from the course affect our learning?
    The board has clarified that learning by reducing the course should not affect learning and for this, teachers have been instructed to explain the removed topics to a certain extent to the children.
  3. How does the reduction impact our online learning process?
    Due to the lockdown, the school has to decide the changes in the course of online studies that are going on. If any material removed has been taught by now, it will cause no harm because the final exam will be according to the revised course that is 33% in volume of the original courses.
  4. We have appeared for a few online tests already. Will our scores secured this far matter?
    Online test scores are for internal assessment. Since the decision to cancel the board exam has been taken just a week ago, the ‘marks’ will not matter. The reduced syllabi will not be part of the subject of internal assessment.
  5. Will every school have a separate for classes 1 to 8?
    No, it will be almost the same as before. The CBSE has advised schools to follow NCERT guidelines in this regard. This implies that while the chapters different schools follow will remain more or less the same, the part of every chapter that a given school covers may vary from the part covered by other schools.

CISCE announced reduced syllabi last week

Earlier last week, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) had announced the reduction of syllabi of all major subjects of Classes 10-12 by 25% for the next academic session.

In this regard, the board issued an official notification stating, “This decision has been taken in view of the loss of study time during the current session 2020-21”.

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