Monday 20 September 2021
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CBI inquiry into Manoj’s murder soon: Rajnath Singh

ImpactKannur — Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that the Union government will go for a CBI inquiry into the barbarous killing of RSS district leader Elanthottil Manoj on 1 September 2014. The minster was speaking while addressing the families of martyrs and those and BJP workers who were maimed.  He also said that the announcement would come in a few days.

The home minister said that the politics of was over in the country and that politics should be practised on ideological ground and not on violent streaks. He also said that politics of hatred was a thing of the past and that political parties should refrain from violent attacks on rivals.

The Union minister landed in a chopper from Kochi at Kuthuparamba helipad and then proceeded to the slain leader’s house and met the family members of Manoj. He assured them that the government would provide them with all the support they needed.

The minister, after visiting Manoj’s family, addressed a meeting of the families of martyrs and workers from the RSS and BJP who were maimed for life. He held BJP Thalassery mandalam secretary MP Sumesh by hand, who as the RSS Thalassery taluk shareerik shikshan pramukh, had lost his left palm and was disfigured in the face following a brutal attack by CPI(M) men on 5 March 2008 at the Thalassery town.

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16 Sep
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