Sunday 24 January 2021
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CBI books former dy dir of FSL for aiding rape accused

Opinions of L Babyto Devi and Srivastava were inconsistent with the subsequent reports by experts of FSL, Rohini, and CFSL CBI, New Delhi: CBI

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Crime CBI books former dy dir of FSL for aiding rape accused

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has booked former deputy director of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), Rohini, AK Srivastava along with a senior scientific officer for alleged inconsistencies in their opinions on DNA testing in three rape cases which helped accused. In the three cases — two related to rape and one to unnatural sex and murder — the opinions of the officers were found to be inconsistent, which may have helped the accused during the trial, the FIR has alleged.

It said they have prepared incorrect record with an intent to save the accused of the aforementioned cases from legal punishment.

The CBI has alleged that an inquiry has prima facie established that reports and opinions of L Babyto Devi and Srivastava in the cases are inconsistent with the reports given subsequently by experts of FSL, Rohini, and experts of CFSL CBI, New Delhi. “It appears that L Babyto Devi and A K Srivastava either have deliberately or dishonestly given false or incorrect reports by abusing their official position with (an) object to give (sic) undue benefit to accused persons of above-mentioned cases,” the CBI FIR alleged.

Delhi Police probed the cases registered in 2012-13. The Badarpur rape incident happened in 2013 while the Samaypur Badli case was reported in 2012. The unnatural sex case was registered in the Mahindra Park police station in 2012.

In the Badarpur rape case, Devi had said DNA of the accused found on his undergarments did not match the DNA collected from the victim, which was found incorrect during review by FSL experts and the Central Forensic Science Laboratory under the CBI.

Similarly, in the unnatural sex case, the DNA profile of the accused developed by Devi and Srivastava differed, which is scientifically not possible. In the Samaypur Badli case again the DNA profile developed by Srivastava and CFSL experts was different making the report “suspicious”, it alleged.

They have also not preserved the exhibits and electropherogram with an intention of screening the offender of the aforementioned cases from legal punishment, the FIR alleged.

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