CBI arrests TMC MP Tapas Pal


Kolkata: Trimanool Congress MP Tapas Pal has been arrested by the CBI in course of the investigation into the Rose Valley chit-fund scam. He was interrogated for 4 hours at the CGO Complex in Salt Lake before being arrested.

CBI has alleged that Tapas Pal is closely linked to the Rose Valley chit fund scam and on multiple occasions he has accepted money from them. Pal was called for questioning on many previous occasions in this regard. Today morning he appeared at the CGO Complex along with his lawyer and wife for more further interrogation.

Pal’s name appeared in the CBI radar after questioning of Rose Valley founder Gautam Kundu and many employees of the illegal chit fund organisation, after which Pal’s version of events was tallied with the version mentioned by others. According to sources the TMC MP was interrogated twice today. After the first session his statements were matched with the statements recorded from Gautam Kundu and other employees of Rose Valley, and then the next round of started with high ranking CBI officials taking over the questioning. Materials gathered from investigation Rose Valley officials were placed before Pal. Initially, as per reports, the MP rejected claims of him having received money and tried to stonewall the investigation by trying to dodge the questions, but during the 2nd round, faced with incontrovertible evidence, he accepted the charges against him.

Tapas Pal had acted as the director in the film division of Rose Valley chit fund and received money for his role. CBI has found evidence of money transfers from the Rose Valley accounts into Pal’s personal bank accounts apart from evidence of him having received cash from the same source.

There was no convincing explanation from Pal for taking money from the management of an illegal chit fund scam, said the CBI. Hence his arrest.