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CBI arrests own officer for leaking report on Anil Deshmukh

The CBI on 1 September said that it had filed a case against Daga, sub-inspector Abhishek Tiwari and other unidentified individuals for illegal gratification


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested one of its own sub-inspectors and the lawyer of former Maharashtra minister and Nationalist Congress Party leader Anil Deshmukh.

The agency made the arrests in the course of an investigation into the allegation that Deshmukh as the then home minister of Maharashtra had coerced police officers to collect bribes from hotels, bars and small businesses in and around Mumbai on his behalf. The agency allegedly found that lawyer Anand Daga had bribed the CBI officer.

The CBI on 1 September said that it had filed a case against Daga, sub-inspector Abhishek Tiwari and unidentified individuals for illegal gratification, media reported.

The agency summoned Daga for questioning on 1 September and arrested him the following day.

“There is evidence to show that the lawyer bribed an officer working at a level below the investigating officer in the case during the PE [preliminary enquiry],” an official said. “The inquiry is on.”

The preliminary inquiry report that was leaked did not, however, mention a cognisable offence of Deshmukh. The CBI said that Deshmukh’s lawyer had bribed the agency official to manipulate this report “in an attempt to subvert the case”.

The investigating officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police RS Gunjiyal, had signed the report.

The 65-page leaked document, which was sent to news organisations, said that the CBI’s investigative officer had opined that no cognisable offence could be made out against Anil Deshmukh and recommended closure of the preliminary inquiry.

However, the CBI filed an FIR against Anil Deshmukh and others and slapped on them corruption charges.

The agency conducted the preliminary inquiry on orders of the Bombay High Court. Several pleas were filed before the court after former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh had alleged that Anil Deshmukh had asked terminated police officer Sachin Vaze to collect Rs 100 crore per month from the bars, hotels and small businesses in Mumbai and through other means.

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