Monday 26 October 2020
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Bangalore-based startup first to compete AI Facebook challenge

Washington: A Bangalore-based startup is claimed to have become the first company in the world to successfully complete a difficult 20-part challenge in Artificial Intelligence...

Gangster on Facebook admits killing Hindu outfit leader

Chandigarh: "I want to tell my friends that the murder of Vipan Sharma which took place on October 30 on Amritsar-Batala road was committed by...

Russia asks Facebook to comply with personal data policy

Moscow: Russian government internet watchdog Roskomnadzor insisted on Tuesday that US-based social networking website Facebook comply with law #242 on personal data of users in order to continue operating in the country. Per...

Top 5 Facebook scams

Scammers love Facebook because it provides them with a place to try out their scams in front of a huge audience. As a result,...

Facebook user had amazingly predicted outcome of FIFA WC final

On 6 July at 9:42 pm, I had asked for predictions for the FIFA World Cup 2014 final on Facebook. A Facebook user on...

Is Luis Suarez a psycho? 25 answers on Facebook

Aditya Basu: Well he has a biting history. He just couldn't help himself.   ...

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