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Cars in India: Ertiga, Wagon R, Santro, redi-GO ‘unsafe’

In its latest crash tests by Global NCAP, the safety levels of four popular small cars sold in the Indian market were found pathetic


Global NCAP, which is renowned for crash tests of cars worldwide, has released the results of its crash tests done on the cars in the Indian automobile market. NCAP conducted crash tests on four cars: one MPV and the remaining three hatchback cars. These cars included Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, Hyundai Santro and Datsun redi-GO. According to NCAP, it had tested the entry-level version of each model, in which the Ertiga was the only vehicle that had the standard fitment of two airbags, while the rest of the cars had just one airbag each.

The company’s results have revealed that despite applying the standard safety feature to all cars, they are still unsafe for people in the event of an accident. Global NCAP president and CEO David Ward says he has been disappointed by the recent results. There is no car, among these popular models, that has got a five-star rating. Maruti Ertiga was the only vehicle that got a three-star rating and was also safe for adults with children. There is a need to improve the safety level in other cars sold in India.

unsafe cars

The Ertiga has received a three-star rating in this crash test. The Ertiga gets the standard feature of two airbags in the front. During the test, there were defects found in its structure, which need to be improved. The footwell area and pedal are said to be risky for the lower part of the leg of the driver.

But it is safe for an adult’s head and neck. chest is fine, while there is some risk for the driver. The was carried out with an 18-year-old’s dummy and the results were not satisfactory.

The Wagon R has received a two-star rating in this crash test. The version of this car had only one airbag. Its structure is said to be unstable, while the footwell and pedal area are somewhat risky for the driver’s lower back. Head and neck in the car is satisfactory for older people. Chest protection is weak for both front passengers.

The model is not considered safe for of the age group 18 months to 3 years. Maruti Suzuki had launched the new Wagon R earlier this year.

Santro got two stars in the crash test, too. The structure of this car is said to be unstable. While the footwell area is unstable as well, head and neck is adequate for older people. Chest protection is weak for passengers and the driver.

During the test, a three-year-old child’s dummy was used and his head was pressurised. A three-point belt is not provided to every in the car.

unsafe cars

On the count of safety for older people, redi-GO has received a single star rating while it has scored two stars for the safety of children. In the version of redi-GO, only the driver-side front airbag was provided. Its structure was found to be unstable during testing. The footwell area was unstable, too, while head protection for driver and was satisfactory.

One star rating has been given for chest protection for adults. Redi-GO does not feature SBR for front seats.

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