Monday 23 May 2022
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Calcutta HC intrigued by murder of Bengal Congress councillor in Jhalda, Purulia

The court also directed the superintendent of police of Purulia to provide security to Mithun Kandu, nephew of the slain Congress councillor

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The Calcutta High Court has asked for the police case diary and report in connection with the case of murder of West Bengal Congress councillor Tapan Kandur in Jhalda, District Purulia. Two irregularities prompted the court to investigate the murder today.

During the hearing of the case, Justice Rajasekhara Mantha asked why the charge sheet of the victim’s wife was not accepted and why it was not considered in the FIR. The Calcutta High Court judge, suspecting a political conspiracy in the murder of the councillor, directed the police to submit the case diary to the court.

The Calcutta High Court directed the superintendent of police of Purulia to provide security to Mithun Kandu, nephew of the slain Congress councillor. He was also directed to submit a brief report of the police investigation to the court on the same day.

Kaustubh Bagchi, the lawyer representing the slain councillor’s family, told the court that successive events had shown that the ruling party (Trinamool Congress) was directly or indirectly involved in the incident.

At the civic polls of Jhalda, the Trinamool Congress had and the had won five seats each while two wards went to independent candidates. The INC was about to form the board of the civic with the help of the independents when the councillor was murdered, pointed out the lawyer of the victim’s family.

The prosecutor alleged in the court that the police had been pressuring Tapan Kandur to register with the Trinamool Congress even before the civic polls. Lawyers for the family of the slain Congress councillor said the officer in charge of the Jhalda police station was complicit in the crime.

Both lawyers Kaustubh Bagchi and Riju Ghoshal, representing the victim’s family, said the police officer had exerted influence and made threats and that the officer is now threatening the family of the victim. The lawyers claim they have some audio recordings of the Jhalda police officer and would submit them if the court so requested.

The Jhalda councillor had gone for an evening round of his ward on 13 March when he was shot and killed near a police check as he was approaching the spot. The plaintiff’s family alleged at the Calcutta High Court that the policemen present did not feel the need to rush the wounded councillor to a hospital.

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