CAA, NRC supporters attacked with bombs in Jharkhand

The pro-law activists were moving in a procession peacefully in police presence until a mob from behind a mosque outnumbered the cops

Amid demonstrations in different parts of the country for and against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC), two groups clashed fiercely in Amlatoli in Lohardaga city of Jharkhand when the supporters of the law were attacked with stones and petrol bombs. Not too long at the receiving end, the supporters pelted stones at their attackers too.

Some pro-Hindu organisations had taken out the procession in Lohardaga today in support of CAA. The procession was moving peacefully under security arrangements that looked adequate until the mobs outnumbered the police personnel.

In the mélée, a mob set some vehicles on the road on fire. After some time, a mob arrived from a ghetto nearby and set several houses and shops on fire too.

According to the information received from Jharkhand Police, a procession was taken out here in support of NRC. A dispute broke out, which later turned into a clash.

Police had to fire tear gas shells to control the situation. Still, the situation is tense here. The administration has deployed police personnel heavily on the spot.

As seen in the photo gallery above, our reporter found the windshields of many cars shattered on their way through the disturbance-hit area.

Meanwhile, Chhotanagpur Divisional Commissioner Vinod Kumar has left for Lohardaga. Initially, Section 144 was imposed in the area. When that did not pacify the rioters, the administration declared a curfew. SDO Jyoti Kumari Jha announced the imposition of the curfew. Mobsters are defying even curfew in some pockets.

A policeman said that the attackers had started throwing stones from a mosque in the vicinity. The miscreants damaged several police vehicles. They set many cars on fire.

The attackers targeted Superintendent of Police Priyadarshi Alok. Bricks and stones, broken chairs are strewn all over the roads now.

The attack by miscreants on the procession taken out in support of the CAA has left the citizens of Lohardaga panic-stricken. Many activists in the procession are injured. Many police personnel were injured while trying to maintain law and order in the town.

Attackers are still looting shops wherever no policeman is around. They have ransacked the shops along the road through which the procession was passing. They set the shops on fire.

The fire engulfed a house, a part of which was a store. The mob at a place cut through the shutters of closed shops, pulled out the goods inside to the streets and set them on fire. Arsonists are roaming the streets of this Jharkhand town now. The town is in utter chaos at the moment.

The railway station and inter-state bus stations witnessed people fleeing the town.

Tweets reporting riots against CAA across the country since December 2019:


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