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CAA: Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

So said Winston Churchill, a lesson for sure for Prime Miniter Narendra Modi who will use the opposition's calumny over CAA to his advantage



One does not need to be an admirer of Winston Churchill to appreciate some of his utterances that any politician should pay heed to. The above statement is one that should make a lot of sense for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and he’d do well to keep it in a prominent place on his desk. However, knowing Modi, it’s quite possible that he is not only aware of the saying but is also applying it to various situations from time to time. The passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) in both houses of the parliament, and the violent reaction the CAA evoked from the Indian National Congress (INC) and its lackeys, has taken the country by some surprise.

The reason for it is not hard to see. As analysed before, while explaining the gist of the bill, there was the threat of a huge number of fake voters getting disenfranchised by the National Register of Citizens (NRC) that was sure to follow the amended citizenship law (CAA). The opposition to CAA was an excuse for other larger goals.

Even the INC must be aware that the minority beneficiaries of the CAA are minuscule; maybe 30,000-50,000. This number was hardly going to make a significant impact on elections in the future. It would be naive to raise the kind of shindig the opposition did for this small volume of votes.

The main problem is with the NRC that will identify (hopefully) illegal immigrants, and especially those who have been given bogus Aadhaar and Voter ID cards. These are estimated to be in the vicinity of about two crore, with most of them residing in West Bengal and Delhi. Both Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal are apprehending the loss of this captive vote bank in future elections. The INC, anyway, hardly benefits, but it is ready to throw in its lot with the opposition whenever there’s a chance to discomfit Modi. So the INC is at hand to provide leadership to the anti-CAB/NRC agitation. It also has the capacity to bring in the media that has been corrupted beyond redemption. The media led by the likes of NDTV, India Today, The Times of India, The Indian Express, The Hindu, and almost all other channels and publications, hates Modi and Shah with an intensity that can only be matched by the hatred Donald Trump evokes in the US media space.

The CAA/NRC agitation had a more significant agenda. It was the heartbreak caused to the seculars by the abolition of Articles 370 and 35A. Shah had managed a bloodless coup on 5 August 2019 when he announced the abrogation of these articles combined with the bifurcation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. On top of that, he reduced the shrunken geography of Jammu and Kashmir to the status of a union territory instead of a full-fledged state. Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha passed these acts with a large majority in the two houses, leaving the INC to shed tears of blood since that day. Modi even challenged them to make the restoration of the status quo prior to 5 August as part of their manifesto. The INC knew that it had been checkmated in Kashmir. They were waiting for an opportunity to strike back, secure in the knowledge that Pakistan and the international media would jump into the middle at the first opportunity.

They thought that the passage of CAB would be the ideal opportunity to strike back. They used it to fan secessionist fires in college campuses and universities that they control. The notorious JNU, Jamia Milia Islamia, Aligarh Muslim University, Jadavpur University and Osmania University are all breeding grounds for Islamic and communist malcontents — two constituencies the INC has assiduously cultivated. Pepped up by usual suspects Kanhaiya Kumar, Shehla Rashid, assorted ‘urban Naxal’ students were let loose to destroy public property across states. Mamata Banerjee and her Trinamool Congress (TMC) thugs, largely consisting of Muslim hordes (most likely Bangladeshi illegal immigrants) went on a rampage, destroying railways and other public properties. Pro -Pakistan slogans including the usual cries for Azaadi and ISIS flags were conspicuous in every agitation.

The CAA had become the excuse for secessionism, and it became obvious that the game plan was to put Modi on the backfoot to an extent where he would be forced to use police and paramilitary to extinguish the numerous fires. The hope was that the government would unleash repressive measures, open fire on the demonstrators that would lead to many casualties, including a few hundred deaths. The narrative would then shift to human rights violation, bringing international pressure, and forcing the government to come to a negotiating table and retract some of the measures. Nothing less than the repeat of a Jallianwala Bagh massacre was the objective of the plotters in the INC-TMC-Left corner. The plan may have succeeded with a lesser leader.

But Modi is a different material. He is not Manmohan Singh or even an Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Modi had not been the chief minister of Gujarat for three consecutive terms without first understanding realpolitik in Gujarat and India. Almost immediately after taking over the stewardship of Gujarat, he had to face the stern test of Godhra — that the INC at the centre did its best to exploit against him to the hilt. He survived every attempt against him and, in fact, gathered more strength with each election. The agni parīksha (trial by fire) he underwent would have broken lesser beings, but not Modi. He came through the entire interrogation with calm and without any fear because, primarily, he is a karmayogi doing his work without any expectation of personal reward.

Modi has made it his mission to clean up the putrid sewers of political India, not just build a few lakh toilets. In order to do that, Modi has realised that he must take control of the narrative and cannot be a sannyasi (abstainer) while remaining in office. He has evolved into an astute politician and can foresee opposition games with a clarity not possessed by lesser beings. He’s not one to let go of a good crisis without making use of it. The crisis created by his opponents has practically no legs to stand upon and is bound to come a cropper exposing the Breaking India elements in their crass, ugly nakedness. By not obliging the INC with their own methods of suppressing violent dissent, Modi has turned this crisis into an advantage for him, thereby elevating Winston Churchill’s dictum into political philosophy.

Vijaya Kumar Dar
Vijaya Kumar Darhttps://www.sirfnews.com/
Kashmiri by birth, Indic by culture. English Literature Honours (DU). 2nd Batch IIMC PGDM 1967. Worked in the corporate sector including own export organisation. Retired from business in 2005. Lives in the Nilgiris. Reading is the main hobby, writing occasionally. Deeply interested in India, its political and spiritual history, and revival of its glory.

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