Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Bullet train will run at 350 km/h, plane’s take-off speed, in Indian trials

The total length of the bullet train corridor is 508.17 km and the train is expected to take around 2 h and 58 min to travel between Ahmedabad and Mumbai

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The trials of the bullet train will be conducted at a speed of 350 km/h, which is how fast an aeroplane takes off, officials said on 13 April and further informed that the first such trial will be held between Bilimora and in Gujarat in 2026. “It will be a gamechanger for travellers and competition to air travel. The bullet trains will have less check-in time, more leg space and most of all, connectivity, which is denied on-board aeroplanes,” an official said.

“We will conduct the trials at 350 km/h, but the operational speed will be 320 km/h,” the official said.

The trains will run on the “slab track system”, a special track, popularly known as HSR technology for the construction of tracks, patented by the Japanese.

Using designs procured from Japan, construction has been done through the Full Span Launching Method (FLSM), one of the most sophisticated bridge construction technology in the world. The NHSRCL has built 200-250 pillars per month between Bilimora and Surat. The longest (1.26 km) bridge under the project, being built bearing turbulent winds and tidal waves over the Narmada river, will be completed by July 2024.

In Gujarat and Dadra and Nagar Haveli, 100% of the civil contracts for the construction of the entire route of 352 km have been awarded to Indian contractors.

For the trackwork in Gujarat, contracts for 237 km have already been awarded and those for the remaining 115 km will be awarded soon. The work on all eight high-speed rail stations from Vapi to Sabarmati is in various stages of construction, the officials said. The terminal hub at the Sabarmati integrating HSR, Metro, BRT and two stations are expected to be completed by August this year.

The total length of the bullet train corridor is 508.17 km and the train is expected to take around 2 h and 58 min to travel between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, covering eight stations in Gujarat and four in Maharashtra.

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