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India Bulandshahr: Kalua, who had attacked Inspector Subodh Singh with...

Bulandshahr: Kalua, who had attacked Inspector Subodh Singh with an axe, arrested

The arrest of Kalua from a bus stand on Monday night takes the total number of accused held in this case to 30. The suspect told police that on 3 December, he was felling a tree to block a road. When the inspector stopped him from doing so, he attacked him with an axe

Bulandshahr: Police have arrested a man, accused of attacking Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh with an axe during the 3 December violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district over alleged cow slaughter, officials said on Tuesday.

The arrest of Kalua from a bus stand on Monday night takes the total number of accused held in this case to 30, a police officer said. Kalua told police that on 3 December, he was felling a tree to block a road. When the inspector stopped him from doing so, he attacked him with an axe, the officer said. 

On 27 December, police had arrested Prashant Nat, who allegedly shot the inspector dead after the axe attack. 

Five people were arrested on December 18 for their alleged roles in the mob violence and the cow slaughter case.

Violence had erupted after cow carcasses were found in a field near Mahaw village in the district. The inspector and a young man had died during the violence.

Cow vigilantism in 2018

The following are the incidents of alleged mob lynching in suspicion that the targeted people were smuggling cattle, which occurred in the year that has just concluded.

1.   13 June 2018, Jharkhand: Dullu, Sirabuddin Ansari (35) and Murtaza Ansari (30) were lynched in Jharkhand over alleged cattle theft.

2.   14 June 2018, Uttar Pradesh: In Bareilly, a meat seller was thrashed by the state police for ‘cow slaughter’. He died at the AIIMS

3.   20 June 2018, Uttar Pradesh: In Hapur, 45-year-old Qasim was lynched over a cow slaughter rumour. This incident was at the centre of a sting operation conducted by NDTV. The Chief Justice of India agreed to hear the case based on the sting operation footage.

4.   20 July 2018, Rajasthan: 31-year-old Rakbar Khan was lynched by a mob on allegation of cattle smuggling in Alwar, Rajasthan. A police officer was suspended for delaying medical treatment to the victim as he tried to arrange shelter for the cows before taking injured Rakbar to the hospital.

5.   30 August 2018, Lakshmanpur village, Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh: 70-year-old Kailash Nath Shukla was taking his cattle to another village for treatment. On his way, a mob stopped him and assaulted him badly and threw him in a gutter.

6.   3 December 2018, Uttar Pradesh: In Bulandshahr, a protest against illegal cow slaughter erupted into riots, resulting in the death of two; a police officer named Subodh Kumar Singh and a protesting youth. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath described the violence as an ‘accident’ and denied the occurrence of mob lynching in Uttar Pradesh even though the DGP hinted about the possibility of a larger conspiracy behind the incident aimed at inciting communal violence in the area.

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