Tuesday 25 January 2022
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BSF seizes heroin worth Rs 50 crore from India-Pakistan border

BSF soldiers spotted the smugglers in the fog but they managed to escape; subsequently, they found 10 packets of heroin weighing 10 kg each

The Border Security Force (BSF) seized around 10 kg of heroin worth about Rs 50 crore from Pakistan on the Indo-Pak border on 19 February. Trying to take advantage of a foggy morning, Pakistani drug smugglers had tried to illegally transport heroin across BSF’s 29th battalion checkpoint.

The BSF soldiers spotted the smugglers in the fog but they managed to escape. On scanning the area, the soldiers found 10 packets of heroin weighing 10 kg each. 

The BSF and Punjab Police Special Task Force (STF) arrested two people and seized over 10 kg of heroin, which they had allegedly hidden in Ferozepur near India-Pakistan border, news agency said.

The force carried out a search operation after the two suspects told their interrogators that they had hidden the contraband drug in Border Out Post (BOP) Gatti Hayat area, a BSF official said.

The constables dug out 10 packets of heroin, weighing 10.5 kg in all, from a field between the international boundary and border security fence, he said.

Earlier, on 17 February BSF had seized a consignment of snake venom worth nearly Rs 24 crore that was allegedly being smuggled from Bangladesh into India through the porous Indo-Bangladesh border, according to a BSF statement.

The snake venom that was seized in Raiganj area of West Bengal weighed at least 4 lb and is suspected to be of French origin.

Based on a tip-off that snake venom was being smuggled into the country, the BSF team carried out a special operation on 16 February at about 7.45 PM along the border.

They saw four people walking stealthily towards India under cover of darkness with some sort of package.

The BSF team challenged them and on sensing danger, the culprits the package and fled towards Bangladesh. The team carefully searched the entire area and found the package which when opened revealed two jars containing a powdery and crystalline substance, weighing 4 lb. They then contacted the forest officials who said that the substance looked like Cobra venom in powdery and crystalline form. The forest officials added that snake venom was a very expensive substance in the international market.

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