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BSF recovers weapons dropped by Pakistan drone in Jammu-Kashmir

Alert troops of Border Security Force recovered arms and ammunition dropped by drone of Pakistan today morning wrapped in polythene packet in Samba area


BSF recovers weapons consignment dropped by Pakistan drone in Jammu-Kashmir


The Border Security Force (BSF) has recovered a consignment of arms and ammunition sent from on a drone in the Samba sector of Jammu and Kashmir, officials said on Friday.

“Alert troops of Border Security Force recovered arms and ammunition dropped by drone of today morning wrapped in polythene packet in Samba area,” the BSF said.

The cache of weapons included one AK 47 rifle, one pistol, one pistol and 15 pistol rounds and one wooden frame used to support a payload on a drone, news agency reported.

There have been several instances of weapon dropping by drones from near the international border in Jammu for terrorists operating in Jammu and Kashmir.

The BSF has recovered several weapon caches over the last few months and foiled the designs of terrorists and their handlers across the border.

BSF gets proof of Pakistani betrayal

Hours after Indian troops greeted Pakistani soldiers on the auspicious occasion of Eid by exchanging sweets, the neighbouring country reciprocated by pushing weapons into the Samba sector.

Before terrorists could lay their hand on these guns dropped from across with the help of a drone, alert BSF troopers were able to foil their sinister plot.

Giving details of seizure, NS Jamwal, IG BSF Jammu Frontier, informed Times Now, that following specific intel inputs regarding the movement of drone inside Samba sector, BSF today morning carried out intensive search operation in area around Regal Post in Samba sector.

At about 11:30 AM, the BSF search party stumbled upon a consignment of arms and ammunition wrapped inside yellow polythene cover, lying 250 m inside the Indian territory.

Taking all precautionary measures, BSF jawans opened the wrapped packet and recovered one AK-47, one pistol, one AK magazine, 15 round of 9 mm pistol, plastic rope and one wooden frame that was used to attach the payload with the drone.

Drone: A new security challenge

In the last two years, Pakistani spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), is frequently using drones to pump in the consignment of drugs, arms and ammunition inside India. 

BSF recovers weapons dropped by Pakistan drone in Jammu-Kashmir

Since 1 January last year, five incidents of arms dropping by drone from the side has come to light. On June 20, a Pakistani drone, loaded with a sophisticated rifle and some grenades, was shot down by the BSF along the international border in the Hira Nagar area of Kathua district.

It was the first one of such incidents in the Jammu region, where a drone carrying arms and explosives was shot down by the BSF. 

A highly sophisticated rifle, two magazines, 60 rounds and seven grenades were the payload on the drone that was meant to be delivered to Pakistani agents.

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