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Brother rapes, murders 10-year-old sister with help of friends

The family was disturbed by her mental state; while brother Zishan Ali and his friends were about to commit murder, the thought of rape crossed their minds

In a shocking and disgusting case in rural Rajasthan, a 10-year-old girl was gang-raped by her brother, along with three friends, in Manoharpur area of ​​District Jaipur in Rajasthan on 17 May, which the police came to know yesterday. The police have arrested all the four suspects.

On 18 May, father Rehman Shah filed a case of the disappearance of his daughter Mumtaz (name changed) at the Manoharpur police station. Three days later on 21 May, the father found her clothes and slippers in Todi’s hilly area. The girl was wearing these — which had been newly bought — when the father had last seen her. Launching a hunt, the police traced the body of the girl.

Having registered the case, police interrogated neighbours around the slum where the victim lived based on call details and CCTV footage. All testimonies pointed at the possibility that the criminals were none other than the girl’s brother Zishan Ali (20) and his three friends. Police arrested the brother and his Bareilly-based friends Sajid Ali (19), Amjad Ali (19) and Wajid Ali (20).

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The Bareilly-based Alis have been working in the brick kiln for a long time in Todi village, Manoharpur, said Range IG S Sengathir.

The Alis confessed to the crime during interrogation. Additional Superintendent of Police Suilesh Chaudhary said that the accused told the cops that a mentally retarded Mumtaz used to defecate in her clothes. They said she was a burden on the family and so they thought of eliminating her, said Jaipur Rural SP Shankar Dutt Sharma.

Brother & 3 friends gang-rape, murder 10-year-old sister (image inside)

“For three days, we kept looking for the girl and hundreds of cops were deployed in the area to find her. The family also was not giving us any straight answers but instead were contradicting themselves. We searched for her in the forest area as well, thinking that perhaps the family had killed and buried her there,” Sharma said.

When they went to execute their sinister plan of murder, waylaying the girl child to a deserted place, the idea of ​​raping her before killing her crossed their minds, they told the police. Brother Zishan was the first to rape Mumtaz. His friends followed. After raping the child, they strangled her to death.

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