Sunday 23 January 2022
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Bright BTech students to get admission in PhD

New Delhi: The Union government wishes to start registering BTech students into PhD courses from January 2018 onwards. The objectives are to encourage better quality research and to prepare better faculty staff for the technical institutions in the country. For students taken under this programme, however, there will not be any compromise on quality. Students who did not qualify for placements would not be considered for this programme.

Sources in the Ministry of Human Resource Development informed that only such students would be considered for the admission in PhD under this scheme who have got at least 8.5 CGPA. They said students who did not get placement anywhere would be out of the reckoning.

The students who could not get jobs would be encouraged for better research so that they can be accommodated as faculty in engineering and technical institutions where there is a requirement. This is an attempt to fulfil the shortage of IIT teachers, which was a big issue for these institutions.

The Narendra Modi government has plans to give away scholarships to around 1,000 such students this year. Students getting this scholarship will be given Rs 75,000 per month.This decision was taken in the IIT Council meeting under the chairmanship of Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar last year. It was also decided in the meeting that if any student leaves research in the middle all the spending would be recovered from him to stop its misuse.

This decision was taken in the last year IIT Council meeting under the chairmanship of HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar. It was also decided in the meeting that if any student  the research mid-way, all the spending on him would be recovered from him to stop its misuse.

Sources in the ministry are of the view that bright students should be motivated towards research and, in this endeavour, the government has come up with such a lucrative plan with an idea that the students should get emoluments to the tune of what they might be getting as salaries in multinational companies so that students interested in research get attracted towards it.

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