Saturday 6 March 2021
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Bride reveals after 2 days she had come to cook for the wedding party

It was only after the bride was too far away to face the ire of her husband that she confessed to her husband that he had been cheated

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Politics India Bride reveals after 2 days she had come to cook for the...

In a bizarre case of marriage by deceit in Jodhpur, a poor young man realised two days after his wedding that he had been duped into marrying a woman who had come to the wedding party as a cook with the caterers. A resident of Bando in Matoda police station area, the youth, who had borrowed Rs 10 lakh to afford his wedding with the woman who had demanded a mangalsutra with 2 tola of gold, and ornaments of 40 tola of silver, has now lost the money, the bride and much more.

According to the custom of this part of the country, the man sent the bride back to her parents’ after two days. The day she left, the husband bought her a mobile phone. On 19 December, he received a call from the same number, with his wife telling him somebody had forced her to cheat him.

“This is Kanta,” she said, “You have been cheated. Ganga Singh intimidated me and got me married to you, leaving me in Bhilwara. I work as a cook in wedding parties. I had been to Nagaur for a week.”

“I used to work on a dihari (daily wage) of Rs 1,000,” the bride of two days said, adding that her maternal uncle, who suffices as her job contractor, forced her to marry this man. “I married you out of fear,” she confessed.

Rs 10 lakh is not all that the man has lost. The youth had paid a middleman Rs 3,50,000 when told his future father-in-law needed help.

The victim approached Rajasthan Police, pleading for justice. The youth said his relative Ganga Singh from Jayal Manglod of Nagaur and other people came to his house in Bhistiyon Ka Bas. Singh told him he knew of an unmarried girl whom the victim could marry.

The young man accompanied Ganga Singh to a person called Phool Singh and asked for his daughter Pinku for marriage. The match was fixed. Pinku was given Rs 500 as an auspicious token to seal the match.

Days later, Ganga Singh and his brothers told the victim Phool Singh was in financial distress and so couldn’t afford to get his daughter married soon. The young man, Ganga Singh said, had to bear the cost of the wedding, which would come to Rs 3,50,000.

On 7 December, the young man went to Nagaur again with his maternal uncle and brothers. He gave Ganga Singh Rs 2 lakh. The uncle-cum-matchmaker said he should reach Phool Singh’s place on 11 December with the bārāt (wedding procession).

While taking the money, Ganga Singh had warned the young man against divulging the monetary transaction that, he claimed, could jeopardise his relationship with the would-be parents-in-law. The fraudulent uncle told his nephew he should keep the transaction a secret at least till 13 December (that is until two days after he will have been married already and it would be time to send the bride off to her parents for some days).

When the bridegroom reached the supposed wedding venue on the 11th, Ganga Singh told him someone had died in the family of the bride and, therefore, the venue had to be moved to Manglod.

Bride reveals after 2 days she had come to cook for the wedding party [II1]

On reaching Manglod, Ganga Singh demanded the ‘remaining’ Rs 1.5 lakh that he had earlier demanded. The victim obliged.

At the wedding arena, the youth realised that the bride was not Phool Singh’s daughter whom he had agreed to marry but some other woman. However, he was more concerned about getting married somehow and, hence, he did not raise an objection.

Bride reveals after 2 days she had come to cook for the wedding party [II2]

The man was happy to have got married finally. He was not complaining for the two days when he consummated the marriage and lived with this strange woman.

It was only after this Kanta was too far away to face the ire of her husband that she mustered the courage to confess to her man he had been cheated.

The police are investigating the case.

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