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Bride calls off marriage after crypto groom objects to Hindu rituals

The family of the bride did not know about the recent conversion of the groom to the Christian Pentecostal church

A marriage that was solemnised in the morning was called off by the bride in the afternoon as the groom objected to certain rituals, leading to a dispute between two families. The unpleasant incident that happened at Kadakkal in Kollam district on 12 November had a happy twist finally as the bride’s cousin came forward to marry her and the ceremony was conducted at the same venue later in the day. As both families belonged to Ezhava caste, the engagement was held in a harmonious environment. 

However, the bride’s family living at Altharamoodu near Kadakkal didn’t know about the recent conversion of the groom, who hails from Pulimoth in Kilimanoor, to the Christian Pentecostal church. At the wedding venue, the groom objected to lighting the traditional lamp and refused to take off the pair of shoes he was wearing before entering the decorated ‘kathirmandapam’, giving a shock to guests.

As he insisted on these conditions, elders present evolved a compromise and arranged the ‘thali charthal’ ceremony outside the ‘kathirmandapam’. “The groom had set some other impractical conditions for other rituals like the visit to the groom’s house by the bride’s family. Then, elders in the family took a decision and the bride returned the ‘thali’ to the groom and called off the marriage,” said a neighbour.


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Sangh parivar collected more than Rs 3,000 crores from Hindus as per media reports & gave that amount to a Sarkari Trust & a Sarkari Construction Committee to construct Ram Janma Bhumi Mandir.

Had Central or State Govt sanctioned Govt funds then they would have deserved credit.


@MNageswarRaoIPS @KTRTRS @KTRoffice @trspartyonline @VHPDigital @TelanganaCMO What about Ram Mandir. It is by Xi ?

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Winter Session: Rajya Sabha adjourned till noon, Oppn demands Shah's statement on Nagaland firing incident

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निर्बाध सड़क यातायात हेतु संकल्पित है, @uppwdofficial

जनपद हमीरपुर में करौंदी से कछुवा कला सम्पर्क मार्ग के किमी-1 से किमी-4(850) तक में मार्ग के पुनर्निर्माण कराये जाने हेतु ₹68.40 लाख की धनराशि स्वीकृत की गई।


External Affairs Minister #SJaishankar meets Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov ahead of 2 plus 2 ministerial dialogue.

Srinjoy Chowdhury with more details.

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