Sunday 1 November 2020

BR plan of Indian armed forces to tackle China, Pakistan

It is to be noted Indian Army and Indian Air Force is on full alert to counter any threat emanating from China and Pakistan at the borders

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Amid growing tensions between India and China along the Line of Actual Control (LoAC) in eastern Ladakh, Indian armed forces have devised what they call a ‘BR’ plan to tackle China and Pakistan simultaneously. While this is often referred to as the “two-front war”, the plan is altogether fresh.

The Indian Army and Indian Air Force are on full alert to counter any threat emanating from China and Pakistan at the borders. But that is no news. India has come up with a BR plan to teach Beijing and Islamabad a befitting reply if they plan to indulge in some misadventure along the LoAC and LoC respectively.

BR: Bhishma and Rafale

Army sources say that Bhishma Tanks are already at the LoAC to counter the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The India Army has deployed powerful Bhishma tanks at a height of around 17,000 feet in eastern Ladakh to send a clear message to China that it will face huge losses if it tries to change the status quo at the LoAC.

China has deployed T-63 and T-99 tanks near the LoAC, but experts maintain that Indian Bhishma tanks are much more powerful than the Chinese counterparts.

The R or Rafale plan of India is giving sleepless nights to both Chinese and Pakistan forces. A few days ago, Pakistan Army chief Gen QJ Bajwa had expressed his apprehension about Rafale fighter jets, which India has acquired from France. Recently, the Pakistan Air Force chief had said that India was planning to use Rafale fighter aircraft to launch attacks on Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the 7th Corps Commander level meeting between India and China to address the situation at LoAC in eastern Ladakh ended at around 11:30 PM on 12 October after around 11 hours.

Before the meeting, India was expected to press for early and complete disengagement of troops by China from all friction points in eastern Ladakh during the talks at Chushul.

In a related development, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on 12 October at China is creating a dispute at the LoAC as if it was part of a “mission”. Singh, however, asserted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre is committed face the situations along the frontiers resolutely.

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