Saturday 28 May 2022
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Boys may be taken out of cave in stages, says Thai official

A Thai official says rescue teams are still busy trying to install an internet cable to the cave so that parents can talk to their trapped children

Mae Sai (Thailand): A Thai official overseeing the operation of a team trapped in a flooded cave said the 12 boys and their coach may not all be extracted at the same time depending on their health.

Chiang Rai provincial Gov Narongsak Osatanakorn said on Wednesday that “all 13 may not come out at the same time. If the condition is right and if that person is ready 100 per cent, he can come out.” He said authorities will evaluate their readiness each day and if there is any risk will not proceed.

The teammates and their coach were seen in the latest video sitting with Thai Navy SEALs in the dark cave, their skinny faces illuminated by a flashlight. The boys, many wrapped in foil warming blankets, take turns introducing themselves, pressing their hands together in a traditional Thai greeting and saying their names and that they are healthy.

Narongsak said that the boys have been practising wearing diving masks and breathing, but he doesn’t believe they have attempted any practice dives.

The boys, aged 11-16, and their 25-year-old coach disappeared after they went exploring in the Tham Luang Nang Non-cave in northern Chiang Rai province after a game on 23 June. The teammates, who were trapped inside when heavy rains flooded the cave, were found by divers Monday night during a desperate search that drew assistance from experts around the globe.

Meanwhile, a Thai official says teams are still busy trying to install an internet cable to the cave so that parents can talk to their trapped children.

Korbchai Boonorana, deputy director of the Department of Disaster and Mitigation, also says today rescuers are continuing to drain water from wells near the cave complex to reduce water levels inside in order to make the extraction of the 12 teammates and their coach possible.

Thailand’s navy is continuing to release videos of the young players trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand.

The two latest videos posted to a navy Facebook page late yesterday morning show a navy SEAL treating minor cuts on the feet and legs of the boys with antibiotic ointment. Several of the boys are seen smiling as they interact with the navy SEAL, who cracks jokes.

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