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‘Boycott Dabangg 3’ reverberates across Twitter

The demand to boycott Salman Khan's family production, which began trending early today on Twitter, is still getting many tweets every hour

Twitter and facebook have erupted over an ageing Salman Khan’s family production Dabangg 3. Hashtag #BoycottDabangg3 is trending on Twitter. In the title song “Hud Hud Dabangg” of the film, not only Hindu sadhus but also Lord Shiva, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are shown dancing with the protagonist Chulbul Pandey, which is the reason for the prospective audience’s call for a boycott.

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has objected to the song “Hud Hud Dabangg” of Dabangg 3 as already reported on Sirf News. They have now demanded of the CBFC that the film be denied the clearance certificate.

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti today found support of hundreds of Twitter users.

Hashtag #BoycottDabangg3, which began trending in the morning, acquiring a position among the top 10 trends, is still getting fresh tweets at a rapid rate. “This is nothing but a mockery of sages and Hindu culture,” wrote Chethana Prabhu in the morning.

“Is Hinduism always an easy target?” asked Geetika Swami, appealing for the boycott.

“Have you seen any Bishop, Maulavi Dancing on a film song as shown in the video?” asked Alok Mishra.

Shivalila Gubyad wrote, “We are proud of our sadhu, maharshi who gave us many useful inventions to whom the whole world is following now!”

“It has become fashionable today to insult the monk saints. Hindus will not tolerate this humiliation,” tweeted Abhishek Mandhare with the urge to boycott the film.

R Jay wrote, “A true artist is that who will never ridicule the god.. @BeingSalmanKhan shame on you.”

Lakshmi reported an incident of desecration of a Shiva Linga at the time of the shooting of Dabangg 3 by the film crew.

Nilam Dupade wrote, “The scenes hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus should be deleted and until then, no certification should be given to the film.”

Pooja Jadhav Patil, appealing for boycott, called Bollywood a repeat offender that often makes fun of Hinduism, citing the example of PK.

Looking at the popular trend, those who disagreed with it tried to hijack the hashtag by adding “Akshay” to it. Neha Kedia asked why there was no furore when Akshay Kumar danced to “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” in Bhool Bhulaiya with scantily clad women. A supporter of the boycott told her that Akshay Kumar was known for donating to the Indian Army. “Killer Salman Khan does nothing for the Army. Shah Rukh Khan donates to Pakistan floods Aamir Khan feels unsafe in India; still, Indians watch Dabbang 3,” by an unidentified person who clubbed three Muslim actors of the industry to suggest they were working on an anti-Hindu agenda.

At the moment of reporting, #BoycottDabangg3 was getting 30 tweets an hour.

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