Saturday 21 May 2022
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Bomb detonated 15-18 ft away from Nitish Kumar in Nalanda

The bomb blast in Nalanda is the second incident of lapse in the security of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar after he was punched in Bakhtiarpur on 27 March

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There has been another lapse in the security of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, this in Nalanda. A was detonated during the chief minister’s mass dialogue program. On 27 March, Kumar had been punched in Bakhtiarpur, Patna.

For the last few days, the chief minister has been on a busy itinerary, visiting different districts of the state. He was in Nalanda when the was hurled at the venue of Kumar‘s event. He is safe.

The mass dialogue programme was being held at Gandhi High in Silao where the was detonated at a distance of a mere 15-18 feet from Chief Minister Kumar. A section of the media described the bomb as a “cracker”, which burned a part of the carpet laid for the function at the venue.

Chaos followed at the venue. The policemen posted for the security of the chief minister a suspect. The matter is under investigation.

The attacker has been identified as 21-year- Shubham Aditya, the son of the late Pramod Kumar of Islampur. He claimed during the interrogation by the police that he wanted to draw the chief minister’s attention to some issues of national import.

Reacting to the incident, Union Minister Giriraj Singh said that it’s “worrying” to see such repeated lapses in Nitish Kumar’s security.

Before Nalanda, on 27 March, Chief Minister Kumar was in Bakhtiarpur, Patna, at a hospital where he was paying floral tributes to a statue. The suspect approached the chief minister and climbed up towards the dais. Before the guards could stop him, he punched the chief minister.

The police the suspect immediately. A of the incident was captured on camera, which went viral. Later, the police said that the attacker was mentally disturbed.

Bihar Police had prepared a blueprint to enhance the security of the chief minister after the attack on Nitish Kumar in Bakhtiarpur. The blueprint was presented at a high-level meeting of the home department in Patna where every point of the security arrangement was discussed.

A similar accident occurred when the security of the leader of opposition in the assembly, Tejashwi Yadav, was allegedly compromised in Saharsa, Bihar, on 1 April.

After his landed at the scheduled place, Yadav was walking toward the stage when a crowd of villagers surrounded him. He somehow managed to reach the stage with the help of his personal security guards.

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