Wednesday 3 March 2021
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Bollywood defames Hindus, glorifies Muslims

From communist union of artistes called IPTA, which dominated Bollywood (Hindi film industry based in Bombay, now Mumbai) between the 1950s and 1980s, to censorship in social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc now, the moment a medium of communication emerges, communists and Muslims occupy it.

And then they begin subtle propaganda against Hindus in India and against India internationally. Why cannot their opponents realise this and adopt a counter-strategy? For solutions, tune in to this debate.

Bollywood shows Brahmins as rapists, Kshatriyas as feudal lords exploiting the poor and Vaishyas as cheats. The industry always but has a soft corner for Muslims. Even when a Muslim character is a gangster, he offers namaz five times a day. An atheist sports a badge of number 786, held holy in Islam as it denotes the “Bismillah” chant, that saves him from a bullet in Deewaar. In Sholay, while there are just two Muslim characters, essayed by AK Hangal and Sachin, when the son dies and the father mourns, a mysterious third Muslim is heard making the azan call using a loudspeaker in a village that has no electricity!

From there, we come to today’s web series where the only positive character in Paatal Lok (Amazon Prime) is a Muslim and Chitrakoot that is supposed to be blessed by Lord Rama is a hell hole of gangsters. Castes are an object of mockery in Article 15 (Amazon Prime). Hindus are shown abducting women who fall for Muslim men in order to cleanse them in Leila on Netflix. Family Man on Amazon Prime presents the Pakistani point of view on Kashmir…

Participants ― Satyanveshi Bharat’s Kumar Shrikant, voice of dharma Akhilesh Gautam, liberal voices Balajee Divakar and Jainendra Arkvanshi (Suhel Dev Party), engineers Ashish Kumar Sharma and Shailesh Mistry ― answered several questions with citations from films made in Bollywood, regional language films and Hollywood in the show hosted by Sirf News Editor-in-Chief Surajit Dasgupta.

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