Thursday 9 December 2021
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Bollywood Celebrities applaud Budget

Mumbai: Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Budget for the fourth in the Lok Sabha on Thursday with emphasis on agriculture and healthcare. Though entertainment industry did not get a special mention in the budget, celebrities feel they are also like common people and budget do affect them in day-to-day life.

Film and television actor Sana Khan is concerned about taxes and demand for a wider tax net. She said, “celebrities are also common people, we all pay the same money. This is not a good budget for common people. Only 10% of the 135 crore people are paying the taxes imagine the load on them. You have to think of everybody. Majority of the people aren’t happy with the budget and I am with them. If on the income of 100 crore you have taxed 35 crore then what will be the savings.”

Veteran actor Raza Murad is more pragmatic and supports the government initiatives. Murad said, “they have taken the farmers and the senior citizens into consideration. Even if the government hasn’t decreased the taxes it hasn’t even increased them. Our nation can be compared to our families and when a budget of a household is decided it is the responsibility of all the earning family members. So even if we pay the taxes it is for the development of our country.”

Kunal Kapoor is all appreciation for new social schemes. He says this year’s budget brings so many new advantages for rural India, especially women. It is sad that there were no changes in the income tax slabs but looks like the rural economy, health, agriculture and education will definitely see development. As co-founder of Ketto who works for various social causes, I am definitely looking forward to seeing some exciting changes in the social space.

For Niharicka Singh, YouTuber-the biggest declaration by the Hon’ble Finance Minister was the health protection scheme where 10 crore poor families – for secondary and tertiary treatment – will get 5 lakhs per family. This announcement will steer the move towards Universal Healthcare in India. It is encouraging to note that the Government has allowed Senior Citizens to claims benefits of Rs 50,000 as part of medical insurance – earlier this was Rs 30,000.

For Varun Sheth, this year’s budget was something we all had been eagerly waiting for. The budget targets appear a little ambitious given the promised welfare splurge on health, agriculture, senior citizens and rural infrastructure, all of which put together would build a New India 2022, according to Sheth.He added,”Income tax rates remain unchanged and 10%  LTCG tax has been introduced. In simple words, the well-heeled will have to pay more income tax.  As a CEO, I feel for my employees who will not benefit much from the budget”.



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Siddharth Raghuvanshi
Editorial Assistant of Sirf News with experience in covering sports and entertainment for Navbharat Times and Network 18's IBN Lokmat

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