Friday 1 July 2022
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BJP worker’s wife raped by 5 ‘Trinamool’ goons, 2 arrested

The BJP worker was not at home that night when the suspects barged into their house and gang-raped his wife; her son found her lying with her limbs tied

On 7 August, the wife of a BJP worker was gang-raped by 5 goons at around 12 o’clock in the night in Amta, a part of the Bagnan Vidhan Sabha constituency, in District Howrah of West Bengal.

According to OpIndia, the BJP worker was not at home on that particular night. Sensing an opportunity, the suspect men barged into the house and gang-raped his wife. The suffered a cerebral stroke a few days ago and lost her ability to speak. The son of the victim found the mother with her hands and legs tied. Hearing his screams, the neighbours got alerted and rushed the victim to the Uluberia Sub-Divisional Hospital.

The BJP has accused the Trinamool Congress (AITC) party members of orchestrating the heinous crime. Reportedly, the Bagnan police initially refused to lodge a First Information Report (FIR) in the gang-rape case. Later, when the local BJP leaders intervened, a case was registered against the miscreants at the Uluberia Ladies Police Station. Following the registration of the FIR, the cops swung into action and arrested AITC leaders Qutubuddin Mallick and Debashish Rana.

The remaining three miscreants are still absconding. When media reached out to the AITC, party leader Pulak Roy refused to comment on the matter. Speaking about the incident, the ’s husband remarked, “I left for Kolkata for my work at 11 AM in the morning. Only my wife and youngest son was at the house. At around 12, the miscreants called her from outside the house.”

He said that she had presumed her husband was back and opened the door. They then caught hold of her and sexually tortured her. “This is the handiwork of those who are in charge of the Trinamool Congress,” he alleged. Besides the two accused already arrested in the case, he had named three others namely, Shahid, Joynal Mallick and Mahabul Mallick.

Dozens of complaints of rape, murder, assault and threats have come to light against antisocial elements associated with the ruling party of West Bengal, who have been on a rampage after the party’s in the recently concluded state assembly election. The National Human Commission in its report has highlighted incidents of women being raped as a ‘revenge’ by goons associated with the AITC after the election.

BJP workers and supporters have been facing and violence allegedly in the hands of the ruling party’s hoodlums. The NHRC report had stated that the state police, in several cases, either ignored the complaints, or worked in collusion with the perpetrators to further traumatise the victims.

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