Wednesday 25 May 2022
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BJP worker found murdered in Bengal again; Modi govt’s inaction continues

Even as Bengal BJP alleges Trinamool Congress bumped off Krishna Patra, the party's union government refuses to intervene

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West Bengal has claimed that a party worker was killed by the ruling Trinamool Congress miscreants in the East Midnapore district on Tuesday night. The deceased worker has been identified as Krishna Patra. Yet again, a whole lot of workers shared the gory scene of their dead worker while the central leadership of the party ruling from New Delhi did little more.

According to West Bengal BJP’s claim, Patra was kidnapped and murdered by the Trinamool Congress miscreants on Tuesday night. His body was dumped in a gutter later.

“Krishna Patra, activist from Maina assembly constituency, East Midnapore district was abducted from his house & killed by the TMC (Trinamool Congress) miscreants in the dark of the night! One BJP worker after another is being slain by the TMC. Brutality reigns Bengal along with Mamata!” the party tweeted.

The has been alleging that its workers and supporters in West Bengal are being killed by the Trinamool Congress.

Last week, a BJYM worker was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Kolkata. He was identified as Arjun Chourasia. His body was found hanging in the Ghosh Bagan area inside an abandoned building. The alleged that he was murdered by the ruling Trinamool Congress.

Right on the next day, another body was found hanging in a village in East Midnapore while the did nothing other than display the hanging body to garner public sympathy for itself and anger for the Trinamool Congress. The BJP has been exhibiting bodies of their murdered political opponents at least since 2018 when killing political activists and hanging their bodies in full public view became an intimidating tactic and norm in Mamata Banerjee’s state.

Since the first week of May 2021 when Trinamool Congress unleashed mayhem on workers while Muslims targeted pockets of the Hindu population that were believed to be votaries of the BJP while the nation wondered why the union government could not invoke Article 356 of the Constitution of India (president’s rule) to dismiss the state government for not being able to uphold constitutional norms. Has anything changed between the following tweet of 30 July 2021 and that posted on 11 May (today)?

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