Thursday 28 October 2021
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BJP wins three teacher quota MLC seats in Uttar Pradesh

The victory of BJP in this domain is significant at a time when teacher-student politics on university campuses often spiral out of control


After the assembly by-election, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s dominance is evident also in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council poll. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has breached the fortress of the Sharma faction in the Vidhan Parishad’s teacher quota. The counting of votes for the 11 seats of the teacher and graduate quota of the Legislative Council, which started on yesterday, continued today.

The victory in the domain of teachers assumes significance at a time when student politics on university campuses often spiral out of control, spilling the violence on thoroughfares and endangering the lives of many.

Om Prakash Sharma, a veteran of teacher politics from Meerut, has suffered a major setback. A member of the Legislative Council from Meerut eight times, Sharma has lost the election and his faction has not got the success it expected.

Of the six seats on the teacher quota, BJP has won three. Two independents have won, while one seat has gone to the Samajwadi Party. The Indian National Congress (INC) scored a duck in this election.

The BJP had put a lot of emphasis in the Legislative Council election this time. The state unit of the party played an active role in the campaign.

Srichand Sharma of the BJP won in Meerut Khand Kshetra, Umesh Dwivedi in Lucknow Khand Kshetra and Hari Singh Dhillon won from Bareilly-Moradabad Khand Teachers Kshetra seat

Srichand Sharma of the BJP won in Meerut Khand Kshetra, Umesh Dwivedi in Lucknow Khand Kshetra and Hari Singh Dhillon won from Bareilly-Moradabad Khand Teachers Kshetra seat. Independent Akash Aggarwal won from the Agra block area and Dhruv Kumar Tripathi from the Gorakhpur-Faizabad block teacher area.

Lal Bihari Yadav of the Samajwadi Party won the Varanasi Khand Teachers area seat, considered a BJP stronghold. The Samajwadi Party will consider this a big success.

The BJP’s dominance in this election was otherwise clearly visible in the defeat of Om Prakash Sharma.

Veteran teacher-MLC falls in Meerut

In Meerut, the election officer announced that BJP candidate Srichand Sharma had won the teacher quota seat, defeating veteran Om Prakash Sharma, an eight-time winner. In Meerut Khand teachers’ seat, the BJP candidate got the maximum (8,222) votes after the counting of all preference votes were over. His nearest rival, eight-time MLC Sharma, got just 3,682 votes.

Srichand was but unable to get the figure of 9,070 votes scheduled for victory initially. At 4 AM, Assistant Returning Officer Additional Commissioner Rajneesh Rai said that the Election Commission could explain why the BJP candidate should be declared victorious.

The Samajwadi Party fielded candidates also for the quotas for graduates. Here, SP candidate Dharmendra got 407 votes in the first phase, 345 in the second and 236 in the last. He got a total of 1,088 votes.

Bareilly-Moradabad goes to BJP

Hari Singh Dhillon of the BJP won the Bareilly-Moradabad election for an MLC-teacher by 7,963 votes. He got 12,827 votes while second-ranked SP candidate Sanjay Mishra could get only 4,864 votes.

In the third phase, the first preference of all 26,803 votes was counted. Of these, 1,250 were null and void. INC candidate Mehndi Hasan got just 276 votes while independent candidate Dr Rajendra Gangwar got 1,162 votes and Ram Babu Shastri secured 2,016 votes. Abhishek Dwivedi and Pushpendra Kumar were independent candidates who got only four votes each.

BJP’s Umesh Kumar Dwivedi got a total of 7,065 votes in the teacher seat in Lucknow. He defeated Dr Mahendranath Rai by 3,247 votes. BJP candidate Umesh Kumar Dwivedi won the counting of votes for the teacher constituency till early in the morning. Out of 17,985 votes cast here, Umesh Dwivedi got 7,065 votes in counting 17,077 valid votes.

Independent candidate Dr Mahendra Nath Rai got 3,818 votes. Samajwadi Party candidate Umashankar got 2,238 first preference votes. Independent candidate Dr RP Mishra got 1,975, Shah Alam Khan got 1,269 and Sohan Lal Verma got 986 votes. The BJP candidate was declared the winner.

Independent candidate Dr Akash Aggarwal won the teacher seat MLC election in Agra. He is celebrating with supporters outside the counting venue in Mandi Samiti. Dr Aggarwal defeated BJP candidate Dr Dinesh Kumar Vashistha of the BJP. Aggarwal won the seat on the second day of the counting of votes in the Agra Block Graduate and Teachers Legislative Council (MLC) election.

In the second preference votes, the independent candidate got 6,690 votes while the BJP candidate got 4,319 votes, defeated by 2,376 votes. Aggarwal is yet to get the winning certificate.

After an hour of an uproar last night, the BJP candidate applied late in the evening for a recount, which the administration rejected. Aggarwal got 5,798 votes and the BJP candidate Vashisht got 3,685 votes in the second phase.

In the first round, the BJP candidate had got 2,718 votes while the independent candidate had got 2,601 votes. Outgoing MLC Jagveer Kishore Jain was eliminated in the first round.

Independent candidate Dr Hari Kishore Tiwari is ahead in the graduation seat. In the third phase of the interesting contest for the graduation seat, independent Hari Kishore has got 11,855 votes while the second candidate is SP candidate Dr Aseem Yadav, Yadav has got 11,376 votes. BJP candidate Manvendra Singh is at number three with 10,144 votes.

A total of 41,994 votes have been counted in the third phase. Counting for the fourth phase of the graduation seat has started. It will take about two hours to conclude.

Dhruv Tripathi of BJP-backed Uttar Pradesh Secondary Teachers Association (Sharma faction) has won the third consecutive election in Gorakhpur-Faizabad Teachers seat. He defeated nearest rival Ajay Singh by 1,935 votes. Independent Rajiv Yadav got the third position. Here Samajwadi Party candidate Awadhesh Yadav finished fourth.

Dhruv Kumar Tripathi has scored a hat-trick of victories. He has become the first candidate to win this seat three times in a row. He defeated his nearest rival Ajay Singh by 1,935 votes. Tripathi got 11,154 while Ajay Singh got 9,219 votes. The election was decided after counting the votes of the second preference.

Fourteen out of 16 candidates dropped out of the race. Indidepnent Rajeev Yadav, who contested against the new pension, secured 4,529 votes and came third. Samajwadi Party candidate Avdhesh Kumar Yadav was in fourth place, with 2,667 votes. Returning Officer Jayant Narlikar presented the certificate to the winning candidate.

Lal Bihari Yadav of Samajwadi Party won the seat of MLC Varanasi block teacher quota. He defeated Dr Pramod Kumar Mishra of the rival teacher leader Om Prakash Sharma faction. Lal Bihari got 7,248 votes while Mishra got 6,830 votes. Outgoing MLA Chetnarayan Singh, who has been in the teacher seat for the last 10 years, remained in the third position from the beginning of the counting till the end.

The SP is leading also in the graduate seat. SP’s Ashutosh Sinha is ahead of BJP’s Kedar Singh by 2,140 votes with 11,510 votes. Kedar Singh has got 9,370 votes. A total of 22 candidates are in the fray for the graduation seat. There are 82,498 votes cast. The quota for the win has been set. The counting continues.

BJP ahead in two seats of block graduate

Counting continues on five bachelor’s seats. The counting of votes of Allahabad-Jhansi and Agra was started. Four-time MLA and BJP candidate Yajnadutt Sharma was ahead by 652 votes after the three-phase counting. The counting of votes in Agra started late in the night with BJP’s Manvendra Singh leading the way.

Kanti Singh ahead in Lucknow graduate section

Independent Kanti Singh is ahead of BJP’s Avnish Kumar Singh by 1000 votes with the conclusion of the first round of counting of Lucknow graduate constituency. At the same time, there was a ruckus in the ballot number of booth number 181. A written complaint was also made by Kanti Singh to the district administration late at night. Independent candidate Kanti Singh is ahead of BJP’s Avnish Kumar Singh by 1,000 first preference votes. In third place is Braj Kishore Shukla. Ram Singh Rana of SP stands fourth.

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