Sunday 17 January 2021
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BJP will win Bengal with 2/3 majority; riots won’t help TMC: Shah

The second-tallest leader of the BJP dealt with issues ranging from the riots over CAA to the 'syndicate' to alleged extortion by TMC workers

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India Elections BJP will win Bengal with 2/3 majority; riots won't help TMC: Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah claimed on Sunday that the BJP will form the government in Bengal by winning a two-thirds majority in the 2021 assembly election. Addressing the BJP meeting held at Shaheed Minar Maidan in Kolkata, he said that the ‘Vijay Yatra’ of his party started in Bengal during the Lok Sabha election was not going to stop.

The former BJP president said that the people here gave 18 out of 42 seats to the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections and our journey is going to end only by forming a BJP government with a two-thirds majority in the assembly elections.

You behave as though you are yourself an infiltrator.

Amit Shah addressing Mamata Banerjee

The home minister said that this journey is not for the development of BJP, but it is a journey of the development of Bengal. Taking a dig at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, he said, “This yatra is a struggle against the exploitation of the poor people of Bengal. This journey is a journey to end the syndicate. This journey is the journey to end the tolabaji (extortion by TMC workers). This journey is to end infiltration. The yatra is intended to give citizenship to millions and millions of refugees living in Bengal.

‘BJP committed to CAA’

Shah on Sunday once again stated that no matter how much anybody opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the BJP-led NDA government was not going to back down from it. He said, “We can prevent the killing of refugees who have been waiting for citizenship for 70 years only by giving them their rights.”

The home minister told the crows that no one would lose citizenship from the CAA. Taking a dig at Banerjee over the CAA, Shah said, “Modi ji brought this law so that lakhs of refugees living in Bengal get citizenship. But Mamata didi is opposing it. They organised riots against the CAA in Bengal. Trains were burnt, railway stations were burnt.”

Shah said, “I have come to ask Mamata didi when we want to give citizenship, why are you opposing it? You behave as though you are yourself an infiltrator.”

The West Bengal chief minister had made a joke of herself when the debate over the CAA had started by trying to mock the amended citizenship law with a limerick before a group of Trinamool workers and supporters. Her attempt to rhyme with “ka-ka chhi chhi (CAA-CAA, shame, shame)!” had turned her into a butt of jokes nationwide.

‘Jai Sri Ram’

Amit Shah said in the public meeting in Kolkata on Sunday that within a few months in Ayodhya, a grand, sky-scraping Ram temple will be ready. He said, “We were fighting for 500 years to build a grand temple in Ayodhya in which Lord Sri Rama was born.”

The home minister said that the INC, SP, BSP and TMC were obstacles in the way of building the temple. “However,” he said, “after the historic decision of the Supreme Court, now Prime Minister Modi has announced the formation of Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.”

‘Didi ke bolo’ of TMC meets ‘Ar noy anyay’ of BJP

In response to the Trinamool’s ‘Didi Ke Bolo‘ campaign in Bengal, the union home minister launched the ‘Ar noy anyay‘ (injustice no more) campaign on Sunday before the civic election. He launched this campaign during a meeting held at the Shaheed Minar Maidan in Kolkata.

Shah said that every Bengali will be linked to this campaign. He appealed to the people to join this campaign by giving a missed call on mobile number 9727294294.

Shah said that he would take this campaign to every doorstep and street and make people aware of the atrocities of the Trinamool Congress. He called that when someone says, ‘Speak of Didi’, then answer it by saying ‘Are no injustice’. It is said that through this campaign, BJP will win the assembly election.

Comparing Mamata’s nephew with Rahul Gandhi

Home Minister Shah also said clearly that the next chief minister of Bengal would be a son of the soil. Taking a dig at the chief minister’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee, he said that no ‘Shahzada’ will become the chief minister here, but the land son of Bengal will be the next chief minister of the state.

An attack on hereditary entitlement in Indian politics, this was an invocation of the same epithet that Prime Minister Modi used against former Indian National Congress president Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha election campaigns of 2014 and 2019.

Hindutva and national security

After addressing the rally at Shaheed Minar Maidan in the metropolis, BJP’s second-tallest leader offered prayers at the famous Kalighat temple. He was scheduled to go to Kalighat temple at four in the evening, but Shah arrived about half an hour before time. After the puja here, Shah discussed the body election strategy with the state BJP leaders.

Inaugurating the new building of the National Security Guard (NSG) in Rajarhat New Town on Sunday, the home minister said that his government was going to make such arrangements soon that the soldiers of all the security forces should spend at least 100 days a year with their families.

Shah said that the BJP government was working for the benefit of all security forces. “Not only the security personnel but also every member of his family should be happy, healthy, have housing facility and his education should be right.”

Shah also inaugurated the residential housing complex for NSG in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai from Rajarhat New Town. He praised the NSG’s counter-terrorism operation.

After the inauguration of the new building, the NSG commandos also presented a full mock drill of how ready they were to deal with terrorists. Whether it is to take out the people trapped among the terrorists in the tall buildings or to deal with the terrorists — all the preparations were displayed by the NSG commandos.

Shah inaugurated also the 29 Special Composite Group Complex of National Security Guard (NSG) at Rajarhat.

Left, INC protest

Earlier, as soon as Amit Shah had reached Kolkata, a large number of Left Front and INC workers had gathered outside the airport to shout “Amit Shah, go back”. The activists held black flags in their hands. The leftist activists protested against Shah’s visit at various other places in Kolkata as well.

With prior knowledge of the protests, the state police administration had made special arrangements for Shah’s safety.

Even earlier in January, during the two-day visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Kolkata, the CPI(M) and INC had opposed him on CAA.

The state unit of the INC has raised questions on the permission given by the state government to the assembly of Amit Shah. On Saturday, Pradesh Congress president Somen Mitra said, “Delhi is burning and the Bengal government is allowing the home minister to hold a meeting here in favour of the CAA. This is very unfortunate.”

On the question of Shah being opposed by Congress and CPI (M), BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha said, “We are not worried about the Left Front-Congress drama. BJP workers are capable of dealing with it if they try to force an obstacle.”

Two BJP MPs have been taken into custody ahead of Amit Shah’s meeting. MPs Subhash Sarkar and Soumitra Khanko, who visited the party workers injured allegedly in the attack by Trinamool supporters, were taken from the Sealpada area of ​​Behla in Kolkata to police station.

Police say the situation in the area could have worsened with the MPs moving there. After this, BJP supporters started an uproar and pushed the police. Till the time the news was written, many BJP leaders including both MPs were in the police station.

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