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BJP sweeps Karnataka by-poll with tally 12/15

Sirf News had predicted in two of its preview reports on the Karnataka by-elections that the BS Yediyurappa-led BJP would sweep these polls


The BJP has performed brilliantly in the Karnataka by-election, winning 12 of the 15 seats in the fray. With this victory, the BJP has crossed the majority mark in the Assembly. The BJP now has 117 MLAs in the 222-member Assembly. The INC has 68 seats and JD(S) 34 seats.

Reacting to the spectacular performance of the BJP in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that today the people of Karnataka have made sure that now INC and JD(S) would not be able to trick the people of the State. Now there will be no manipulation in Karnataka, he said, as the people there have given strength to a stable and strong government.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said that out of the 12 candidates who had won, 11 would be made Cabinet ministers. “I did not promise the BJP candidate who won from Ranibennur. There is no problem in making 11 ministers. I will go to Delhi in the next three or four days and finalise it,” the chief minister said.

Sirf News had predicted in two of its preview reports on the Karnataka by-elections that the BJP would sweep these polls. They were as follows.

The future of BS Yeddyurappa government of the BJP in Karnataka was to be decided today. By-elections were held on 5 December for 15 Assembly seats in the State, whose results were announced today. To stay in government, the BJP needed to win more than seven seats. The need for elections arose here after many MLAs switched camps and/or were disqualified.

The Karnataka Assembly constituencies that went for the by-elections were 15 in number. Athani, Kagwad, Gokak, Yelapur, Hirekerur, Ranibennur, Vijayanagar, Chikballapur, KR Pura, Yashwantpura, Mahalakshmi Layout, Shivajinagar, Hosakote, KR Pete and Hunsur.

The by-elections were to be held in 17 seats, but in two of the seats the High Court had stayed the voting. In the remaining 15 seats, exit polls had predicted a BJP win in most of them, but the most zealous exit polls gave the BJP at the most 10 seats, a feat the ruling party has surpassed.

With these by-elections, the fate of 223 Assembly seats is sealed for the full term of the Yediyurappa government. As many as 113 seats were needed by the BJP for a majority. The party currently had a figure of 105 prior to the by-polls and the support of an independent MLA.

On Monday, in the 15 seats for which the results have come out, it was necessary for the BJP to win more than seven seats. The INC had 68 MLAs (11 rebels) while the JD(S) had 34 MLAs (3 rebels).

Security arrangements were spruced up before the counting of votes. Postal ballots were counted first. Even now, counting of votes is going on for a few seats in Karnataka. When the BJP began the day with massive leads in seven seats, the final outcome became predictable.

BJP’s tally soon went up to 10 seats while the INC and JD(S) were ahead in two seats each and an independent candidate was leading in one seat.

The BJP never looked back after that as its score rose to 12 seats and the INC lost its leads while the JD(S) failed to open its score and an independent led in one seat.

Amit Malviya, in charge of BJP’s IT cell, posted a video of the prime minister on Twitter to say that BJP was getting a huge lead in Karnataka by-election. The heavy mandate BJP got during the Vidhan Sabha elections in Karnataka is being repeated again. This increase is giving a clear message to the INC, JD(S), Shiv Sena and NCP not to disturb the mandate of the people, Malviya exulted.

INC leader DK Shivkumar said, “We have to agree with the mandate of voters of these 15 Assembly constituencies. People have accepted defectors. We have accepted defeat. I do not think need to be disappointed.”

BJP’s winners include Chikbalapura candidate Dr K Sudhakar, Kagwad candidate Srimant Balasaheb Patil, Hirekerur candidate BC Patil, Vijayanagar candidate Anand Singh, Gokak candidate Ramesh Jarkiholi and Ranebennur candidate Arun Kumar. Interestingly, Karnataka Minister Ramaiah Ashoka said that the BJP MP from Chikkaballapur had worked against the party and was working to ensure a win for his son. “The party will take action against them. We knew that we would get 12 seats,” he said.

There is now a festive atmosphere in the BJP camp after the party’s success in the Karnataka by-elections. Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa celebrated with his son BY Vijayendra, distributing sweets among the party cadre who also celebrated outside the BJP office.


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