BJP, RSS not friends; rather, the greatest threat to Hindus

The support to Trupti Desai and the flip-flop of the RSS as well as the BJP on Sabarimala are among the many proofs of the Sangh Parivar's anti-Hinduism


The Sangh Parivar, particularly the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Bharatiya Janata Party, are not friends of Hindus. Not only are they enemies — now this goes against every media narrative, against every assumption, against all the noise and chatter — but look at actions. Don’t look at their words.

The singular blunder that Hindus make is to believe the words spoken, not the actions done. The RSS does massive flood relief and education but it is no different from the soul vultures. When it comes to the actual belief system, instead of flood relief, they are hostile to all local Hindu belief, seeking instead to plane it down to an idiotic uniformity.

They are mostly atheists to begin with. Their only allegiance is to a political nation state. They don’t have any sense of the spiritual. Those who are not atheists are Arya Samaji types — which is worse than being an atheist as they are hostile to the plurality of the dharma.

TG Mohandas smugly revealing that the RSS sat down and planned to change the nature of the shrines at Shringapur and Sabarimala in 2016 was the last nail in the coffin of their credibility. The Sangh is the most dangerous problem faced by Hindu society because they have sold the proposition that they are friends. Nope! You are the enemy.

The BJP has an additional problem in that they have been infiltrated with crypto converts. They form a solid lobby today and will always find a way to subvert anti-conversion initiatives.

Go by evidence. What has been done to prevent conversion by these people? Nothing. But they jump to describe morally depraved predator John Allen Chau as a tourist not as a missionary — because they are on the same side as Chau. Observe what has been done each time and tell me I am wrong.

In economic terms, they are all Nehruvian socialists. Society is to be run on Ambedkarite principles and the man in charge can’t stop singing paeans to Gandhi. The second in command is a Jain, not a Hindu, and if you think that is not relevant, you need therapy.

The core ideology of the Sangh is that of instinctive hatred towards all things Hindu, which is why their idols are all people who disliked Hindus.

Hinduism is regarded as a characterological evil, something that is warped and deformed by its very existence. Hinduism is a patriarchal, Brahmanical, misogynist tyranny — always in need of rescue by reformers. This idea has been completely internalised and that is why they push the Dalit atrocity narrative so assiduously, which again is an idea created entirely by the conversion brigade. You cannot hold ideas that hate your own people and pretend to be their well wishers. Yet that is what the RSS/BJP has been doing till now.

These people swear by the Constitution precisely because it is anti-Hindu by design. They want it that way.

Ram Mandir? Who allowed murtis to be placed inside? Pujas to be done? Who opened the locks? Who allowed karseva? The Congress. What has the BJP done except rath yatra and winning votes on that? Hasta adha nitambau asana — hand-under-the-bum posture! Yet, Ram Mandir is seen as a BJP project when all it has been is a milch cow for votes. There is no intention of ever building it. Not from these people.

Just go by what is actually done not by manifesto promises and you will see that they will never do anything for Hindus. In the past, they did not do anything against Hindus but now that consolation is also over. You can’t tell that lie to yourself after RtE, the takeover of Shani temple weeks after promising in Karnataka to release them from sarkari clutches. Then giving oneself an interest-free loan from Shirdi temple with no time limit for repayment. If this is not jaziya, what is? And scrambling to infiltrate the Sabarimala resistance to destroying Hinduism forces was the most brazen act of shamelessness after these fellows were the prime movers behind that. And Trupti Desai, too.

Observe what is done and even more important observe what is not being done. You will get your answers clearly.

I will not tolerate this con job anymore. Like Jetsun Milarepa, my religion is not deceiving myself. Hindus, however, do nothing else, and this suicidal ego investment in the RSS/BJP is going to extract a disastrous price.

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