Saturday 10 December 2022
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BJP questions Kejriwal’s PR: How come identical reports were published in 2 foreign newspapers?

Soon after Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal sought pride in the fact that two reputed newspapers had sung hosannas to his 'achievement' in reforming the system of the capital on social media platforms, the BJP besieged the AAP government, with Pravesh Sahib Singh Verma saying that identical reports had been published in The New York Times and Khaleej Times. There are six pictures in both the newspapers, which are identical too, Verma said. 

"This is not news; it's called advertising. Ask Kejriwal how much money he paid for this and how to set up the reporter," Verma asked caustically.

Earlier, AAP-turned-BJP leader Kapil Mishra had alleged that the news promoting Delhi Minister Manish Sisodia (also the deputy chief minister) had been published in the two newspapers as an advertorial. "The photos in the news are not of Delhi's government school but of the children of Mother Mary School in Mayur Vihar," Mishra pointed out.

Mishra said that Kejriwal and Sisodia were selling lies in the country as well as abroad.

AAP Raghav Chadha has taken a jibe at BJP leader Kapil Mishra's tweet in which Mishra said that the news was published in The New York Times and Khaleej Times by paying money but the habit of lying and did not go away. Raghav said, "This is ridiculous. The BJP calls itself the largest party in the world, but never any leader's news was published in these newspapers. If news can be published in such newspapers only by paying money, then in such a situation the news of the leaders of the richest political party should be published daily."

AAP's Saurabh Bharadwaj repeated Chadha's riposte.

Editor's note

The AAP is right. Of course, money is not enough. It's not even the primary condition, which is ideology or agenda. Activists who have been promoted to the level of regular politicians with the help of sponsorships by the Ford Foundation, the philanthropic front of the American spy agency that reports to the Pentagon, will get favourable coverage in international media. They did it in Brazil, Tunisia and Egypt. They have been doing it in India too. The political masters of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington and several newspapers based in European countries are the same as those of the committees that decide the recipients of the Ramon Magsaysay Award, David Rockefeller Award, Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Prize for Economics etc. It's an international leftist mafia at work, the headquarters of which are in the United States. For details with evidence, refer to this compilation of four expositions by Sirf News' Editor-in-Chief Surajit Dasgupta.

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