Monday 17 January 2022
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BJP predicted to win in yet another UP opinion poll

Yogi all the way! The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is set to comfortably win the assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh making the first chief minister in the to serve two consecutive terms since 1985, an opinion poll done for Times NowNavbharat by VETO has projected. The poll predicts 230-249 seats for the BJP-led in the 403-member house.

The Samajwadi Party-led is projected to finish well behind with between 137 and 152 seats while the BSP, nearly absent at the hustings, and the irrelevant Indian National Congress (INC) fighting against extinction are seen as practically out of the race.

The is projected to win 9-14 seats, its lowest tally in over three decades, and the INC to finish in single digits as it did in 2017.


The BJP alliance’s projected vote share of 38.6% is nearly three percentage points lower than in 2017 while the SP ’s 34.4% would be a huge improvement over the previous assembly polls. The two leading parties in the fray seem to be gaining votes at the expense of the BSP, which is projected to go down from 22.2% in 2017 to just 14.1%, if the survey turns out right.

The Yogi government’s law and order pitch was seen as its strongest point by the respondents and the and Mathura issues too were perceived as working in favour of the BJP.

On the flip side, the Lakhimpur Kheri incident and the second wave of Covid were seen as having dented the BJP government’s image.

The opinion poll was conducted between 16 and 30 December, with a sample size of 21,480.

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