Monday 18 October 2021
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BJP MP from W Champaran, Bihar, assaulted, held hostage for over 3 h

West Champaran BJP MP Dr Sanjay Jaiswal alleged it was a conspiracy to kill him. Members of the community that attacked him said they were upset over his 'non-performance'.


Champaran: Bihar’s West Champaran MP and BJP candidate Dr Sanjay Jaiswal was rescued, amid heavy security, on Sunday from the clutches of a mob of villagers that had held him hostage. The angry villagers had taken Sanjay Jaiswal hostage in the Shekhwana village of Bankatwa block. After about three and a half hours, the MPs was set free.

Earlier, an attempt was made to kill Jaiswal. A Muslim crowd at the Narkatiya Assembly area booths 162 and 163 surrounded the NDA candidate and sitting MP Sanjay Jaiswal. The anti-social elements present in the crowd made a ruckus in the area.

The mob, armed with sticks, attacked Jaiswal even as the police arrived after the MP suffered serious injuries. However, the police managed to keep the MP safe in their security cordon. The mob surrounded the police cordon and were keen to hit the politician.

The MP’s bodyguards fired in his defence. Jaiswal said that his bodyguards stopped the crowd by firing in the air.

Jaiswal said, “If my security guards had not opened fire, I would have been lynched by now.”

Earlier, Jaiswal was informed that the community that constitutes about 90% of the population of this village had rigged the votes of the remaining 10% of the population. He arrived at the spot inquired what was going on. After this, some anti-social elements surrounded him and they wouldn’t let him leave.

The MP said that the magistrate and the superintendent of police were called but they did not take the call promptly.

While the local BJP cadre arranged for an ambulance by which the MP was taken to a hospital, his car was attacked and damaged.

HR Srinivas, chief electoral officer of the Election Commission of India at Patna, said the situation was under control. He informed the press that Jaiswal was now under the protection of the police.

The CEO said the incident would be investigated. “The SDO and the deputy superintendent of police concerned, besides other cops with adequate police forces, are camping there,” he said at from the election control room in Patna.

Jaiswal has alleged there was a conspiracy to kill him. Those belonging to the community of assaulters claimed, on the contrary, that the people of the area were upset over Jaiswal’s “non-performance” in the area in the last five years.

Sources say, before the arrival of Jaiswal at the troubled spot, some local leaders had instigated the crowd to attack him when he arrived.

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