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BJP MLA Anita Singh Rajput receives extortion call

Anita Lodhi has allegedly received an extortion call demanding Rs 10 lakh, police said today


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मनसे ने बढ़ाए मदद के हाथ; राज्य सरकार के काम से नाखुश

मनसे नेता ने महाराष्ट्र की जनता से अपील की है, आप लोग घबराए नहीं, सोशल डिसतेनसिंग का पालन करें, मुसीबत आई और इसका हम मिलकर सामना करेंगे
Ghaziabad: Through a series of Whatsapp messages and extortion calls, Dr Anita Singh Rajput, BJP MLA from Dibai Assembly constituency in Bulandshahr district, has been handed out life threats if she failed to shell out Rs 10 lakh as extortion money.
The BJP MLA has been receiving the threatening messages from allegedly a Dubai number for the last couple of days. Notably, the sender is threatening to eliminate the family members of the MLA if she failed to fulfil the demand within three days and the messages have been pouring in on her number since 19 May.
The MLA from Dibai area told the police that she received six messages demanding the ransom on 19 May, they said, adding a case was registered at Indira Puram Police Station.


Initially, the MLA, who lives in Ramprastha Greens residential complex in Vaishali area of Ghaziabad,  lodged a police complaint and filed an FIR after receiving the threatening messages but she personally met Ghaziabad police chief Vibhav Krishna on Monday.

However, ADG Meerut zone, Prashant Kumar took notice of the matter and directed the Special Task Force (STF) and crime branch to conduct a thorough probe into the issue.

As per the sources, the messages were directed from a SIM card believably registered in Dubai. He added that the sender had identified himself as Ali Budesh Bhai.

The cyber crime cell is probing the case, SSP Krishna said, adding that security at her residence has been beefed up.

Besides messages, the sender tried to call the MLA on Whatsapp and had sent audio and video clips also. To convince Rajput of the authenticity of his threat, the caller claimed that he would start eliminating her family members one by one if she failed to arrange the money after the deadline of three days.

“The sender has written in one of the messages that the MLA won’t start arranging the money unless until she would see anyone of her family members finished,” said the aide of the MLA adding that though the number was believed to be of Dubai, the sender of the threatening messages had claimed that he was in close proximity of the MLA.


Meanwhile, CM Yogi Adityanath called up Dr Rajput on Tuesday to inquire about the matter and assured her all help in bringing the intimidator to books.

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मनसे ने बढ़ाए मदद के हाथ; राज्य सरकार के काम से नाखुश

मनसे नेता ने महाराष्ट्र की जनता से अपील की है, आप लोग घबराए नहीं, सोशल डिसतेनसिंग का पालन करें, मुसीबत आई और इसका हम मिलकर सामना करेंगे

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