Saturday 10 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaBJP: Manish Sisodia was offered CM post by AAP's own workers

BJP: Manish Sisodia was offered CM post by AAP’s own workers

The BJP has rubbished AAP's chief spokesperson and MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj's allegation today where he had said at a press conference, repeating Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia's allegation, that BJP had offered the No. 2 in his party the post of chief minister. Bharadwaj alleged further that the BJP had offered Rs 5 crore to AAP MLAs. 

The BJP said it was an AAP worker who had called Sisodia. BJP MP Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma, addressing another press conference, said, "They are making such claims to divert attention from the corruption allegations against Sisodia. People want some answers from you (the AAP) on liquor policy, which has caused a huge loss (to the state exchequer)."

On the 'offer' given to Sisodia, Verma said, "They asked their own workers to call. Their claims cannot be taken seriously."

Bharadwaj said today that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi boasts of the biggest achievement of his government from Red Fort, "he does not share the biggest achievement of the BJP, which is Operation Lotus". Bharadwaj said that this 'operation' was BJP's own invention. 

Whenever elections are held in other states, the prime minister and the home minister themselves campaign at the hustings, "but when the people elect someone else, the BJP hatches a conspiracy in its office against the public mandate. "That is Operation Lotus," the Greater Kailash MLA said. "We saw this in Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka and Arunachal Pradesh too. We saw in how Shivraj Singh Chouhan was made the chief minister by breaking away Congress MLAs," Bharadwaj said.

BJP tried to topple AAP govt by offering CM post to Manish Sisodia: Saurabh  Bharadwaj - India News

Bharadwaj alleged that the BJP had tried something similar with in but failed but then, the party did it again. "In Delhi as well," the MLA claimed, "They tried to run Operation Lotus, targeting our party's No. 2 leader Manish Sisodia." 

"First, the BJP did nothing for education, then they threatened us through the CBI, targeting the excise policy. The CBI raided 31 locations. When nothing was found, they offered Manish Sisodia ji the chief minister's post. But the Aam Aadmi Party busted Operation Lotus for the second in Delhi."

"We will tell you when it was done for the first time. A video will be shown where AAP MLAs were offered Rs 5 crore each. We will show you the proof in due course. When the party decides, I will reveal it on a big platform. Broadly speaking, the BJP offered to make Manish Sisodia chief minister and settle the matter (end the CBI probe)," Bharadwaj claimed.

Delhi BJP MP Manoj Tiwari challenged the AAP leader to name the person who purportedly made him the offer.

The MLA claimed the BJP had offered Dinesh Mohaniya Rs 4 crore, which was caught on what Bharadwaj claimed to be a sting operation.

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal claimed the CBI-ED raids were attempts to topple his government and declared that Operation Lotus had been foiled. The BJP denied the charge and called out AAP for playing the card.

The startling claims of Sisodia, who holds education and finance among a host of portfolios in the Delhi government, came days after his house was raided by the CBI over allegations of corruption in the implementation of the Delhi excise policy.

The AAP has launched its campaign for the 2024 Lok Sabha election.

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