Saturday 10 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaBJP leader's application to transfer Gujarat government land to dargah stirs Hindus

BJP leader’s application to transfer Gujarat government land to dargah stirs Hindus

Following an uproar in the about a letter from Gujarat Minister Brijesh Merja to a collector to transfer government land to a dargah, the minister has issued a press release to clarify that the original application about the land in District Morbi was from another leader and that he had merely redirectsd the letter that had landed in his desk.

The minister in his statement today said that he told the collector that District General Secretary Jayubha Jadeja had made a presentation before the officer about some land for a dargah in his native village Vavaniya, but no action is to be taken on the matter.

"I gave no advice, verbally or over the phone, in this regard.  I had said that only the representation of the district general secretary was being sent to the officer, but now I am withdrawing the matter and no action should be taken," Merja said.

Jayubha Jadeja, a native of the village and district general secretary, had submitted a representation to Merja, asking for land for the dargah in Village Vavaniya, which Merja redirected to the collector, the minister said today.

The Gujarat minister said he had never instructed the collector in person, over the phone or in a meeting. "Not only that, I have withdrawn this letter and clearly told the collector to cancel my earlier written representation," he clarified today.

"Being in public life, representation is transferred to those concerned. In this case as well, the representation was merely transferred. There is no pressure; this clarification was necessary to avoid misunderstanding," Merja wrote in Gujarati.

In an apparent bid to assuage Hindu feelings, the minister wrote: "There was no intention to hurt anybody's feelings… It was important for me to clarify so that misunderstandings do not spread."

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