Monday 23 May 2022
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BJP explains why Rahul Gandhi’s nightclub party was not a personal affair

The BJP says it is not the nightclub party per se that is an issue but the person Rahul Gandhi was seen with in the video that is a serious concern

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INC spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala’s defence that his leader has a right to have a private has not impressed the BJP. Explaining what the ruling party found objectionable in the video of Gandhi’s partying in Nepal, which has gone viral, the BJP pointed out that the dynast was seen with China’s ambassador to Nepal, Hou Yanqi.

Social media co-convenor of Uttar Pradesh BJP Shashi Kumar said that the lady in the video was China’s envoy to Nepal. “ tweeting about the pathetic state of the Indian economy from a pub in Kathmandu along with the Chinese ambassador to Nepal. Congress must explain this alliance,” he tweeted.

Another BJP leader Kapil Mishra sought to know whether Gandhi was partying with Chinese ‘agents’ in Nepal. “This is not a matter of the personal of Rahul Gandhi. With whom was partying? Are they Chinese agents? Does Rahul Gandhi tweet against the Army under pressure from China? Questions will be asked,” he tweeted.

Incidentally, when Gandhi’s video surfaced, BJP leader and Amethi MP Smriti Irani was visiting Wayanad in Kerala, which happens to be the INC leader’s parliamentary constituency after he lost Amethi, his family bastion, to Irani in the 2019 general election.

“Stark Difference: Union Minister @smritiirani Ben is in Wayanad, Kerala for development work and public meetings whereas Wayanad MP, is partying somewhere in Nepal…” Dhaval Patel, who is in charge of BJP ST Morcha’s social media management, tweeted.

It’s not BJP alone that is questioning

The video that every media house in India and top journalists have reported about shows Gandhi with a woman and friends partying at a nightclub. While his party did not deny their leader’s presence in that party, Surjewala did not share further details either. But the video, media has found out, was shot at Kathmandu’s nightclub LoD — Lords of Drinks.

Gandhi is still in to attend the wedding of his journalist friend Sumnima Udas. The ceremony was held yesterday at Marriott Hotel in Kathmandu.

People are questioning Rahul Gandhi also because they believe he should have attended his party’s negotiations with election strategist and manager Prashant Kishor.

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