Wednesday 25 May 2022
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BJP cyber team circulates propaganda tweets on demonetisation

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New Delhi: Early this morning, सिर्फ़ News got access to an email that was copied to thousands of people, urging them to begin tweeting more than 40 statements one by one, beginning at 8 AM.

The message read: “Exactly a month ago, on 8th November 2016, Prime Minister Modi launched the decisive fight against black money – on that day 500 and 1000 Rupees ceased to be legal tender. In the last month, we have all seen how black money hoarders have got the shock of their lives, many have been caught, money has come into system, India is moving towards cashless revolution and how the world has admired the ability of Modi to take tough decisions and of Indians to back him with high support.

Here are some tweets, media coverage, infographics, videos we can use.”

Image result for amit malviya BJP
Amit Malviya

This is a common practice among all political parties that have cyber cells to register their presence on social media. The Aam Aadmi Party is foremost in the league, led by Ankit Lal who manages their Facebook account. Their Twitter manager Dilip Kumar Pandey has long moved to full-fledged politics, now appearing on television as an AAP “neta”. The BJP cyber team is headed by Amit Malviya. It was earlier led by Arvind Gupta. Priyanka Chaturvedi heads the Congress cyber team.

The ideas behind circulating pre-drafted tweets are two. First and foremost, these parties wish to create an impression among the uninitiated lot that a certain concern is very popular among the people, because of which they are all tweeting about it at the same time. Second, the cyber teams realise that people at large may not be good at articulation. Therefore, they send these 140-character statements in bulk to make life easy for the inarticulate.

That the tweets are not spontaneous is, however, easy to catch. At the peak Internet hours when they are tweeted, several Twitter users are seen tweeting identical statements, sometimes with identical typographical errors!

The BJP supporters today tweeted the following:

  1. Towards a black money free India: Income Declaration Scheme bags Rs 67,382 Cr unaccounted money. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney
  2. Google Trends seen a 160% increase in search queries for debit card, 140% for UPI & 90% for mobile banking. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  3. PM Modi’s demonetisation move was the most significant moment on Twitter in 2016 with 6,50,000 tweets in 24 hours #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  4. Note bandi has hit the flesh trade as red light areas see sharp decline in customer flow demonetization. #IndiaDefeatsB lackMoney

Related image
Ankit Lal
  1. Demonetisation has badly affected the hawala rackets of transferring money without any actual money movement. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney
  • Turbulence in Kashmir comes to the rest; Demonetisation brought peace to the stone-pelters in the Kashmir valley. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  • Incidents of stone-pelting have reportedly reduced drastically in the Valley ever since demonetisation announcement. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  • Demonetisation huge cash deposit base will enable banks to reduce lending rates over the long term. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  • Demonetisation has given a big blow to the funding of separatists, now unable to pursue the youths to agitate against army. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  • Financial emergency for Naxalites! demonetization are devastated & facing severe shortage of commodities. #IndiaDefeatsBlac kMoney

  • Since the demonetisation terror funding has come down to zero and there hasn’t been stone-pelting on security force. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  • The bold move of PM Modi helped clamp down on the narcotic drugs. Narcotic trade witnessed loss worth several crores. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  • Demonetisation brings drugs-related cases standstill as cases down to 200 in November from over 700 in October. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  • Terror operatives store money in the form of big denomination currencies and that money will remain just a piece of paper now. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  • The Northeast insurgent groups and CPI (Maoist) are the worst hit, and stand to lose out on close to Rs 780 crore. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

  • Image result for priyanka chaturvedi congress
    Priyanka Chaturvedi
    1. Demonetisation has come as a shocker for hawala and smuggling transactions, largely responsible for terror financing. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    2. Demonetization has wiped out the Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) network, estimated to be worth Rs 400 crore. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    3. Note ban has hit hard the circulation of FICN, the prime for terror funding in India. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    4. Demonetisation nuked Pakistan’s ‘RBI’, cripples ISI’s fake note network. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    5. Tough time for terror outfits who take the blackmoney route to fund their training, pay sleeper cell & arms procurement. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    6. Demonetisation will pave the way for a decline in lending rates, which will expedite the economic activity of the country. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    7. Tax and interest rates on loans are expected to come down because of higher income tax collections. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    8. Banks are now flushed with funds will give out loans at lower interest rates to small and medium industries. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    9. The ban on currency notes has enhanced the demand for Govt bond in the market that eventually leads to higher SLR demand. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    10. Demonetisation led to highest ever surrender of Maoists and their sympathisers ie. 564 in a month. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    11. Demonetisation is the latest in a series of policies by Modi Govt that aim to modernise the country at breakneck speed. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    12. India is taking several historic steps which boost confidence of foreign companies to invest in India. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    13. The overall debit and credit card transactions recorded an increase of 70.5% in 1st week of demonetisation. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    14. Towards cashless society! RuPay card usage jumps 118% in 1st week of demonetization. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    15. Crop planting increased 20-35% every week after demonetisation and remained higher than last year. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    16. Hiring activity up 10% in Nov in India as per TimesJobs RecruiteX Survey, primarily led by the travel & hospitality sector. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    17. Some families of bridegrooms have withdrawn or reduced their dowry demands. Weddings have also become less lavish. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    18. The Indian staffing industry is set to grow up to 12% in 2016 and up to 10% in 2017 demonestisation. #IndiaDefeats BlackMoney

    19. Demonetisation drive is likely a big success in garnering tax revenue. It is PM Modi’s great leap forward. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    20. Go make money! Following the demonetization drive $100 billion household savings will come into stocks in 2017. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    21. India takes digital leap. Now, Dabbawalas embrace and offer click-based services. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMo ney

    22. Demonetisation act housing prices in 42 major cities to drop up to 30%, wiping out Rs 8 lakh crore in value. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    23. Cheaper bank loans soon: Govt flexible to provide relief to the poor as demonetisation is enforced. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    24. Note ban helped people to embrace the cashless transactions and maximise the usage of ATM cum debit cards. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    25. This has come as a welcome surprise as crimes with a financial motive have dipped sharply in Delhi by 50%. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    26. Jobs started pouring in esp by mobile wallet and fintech companies after demonetization. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    27. Demonetisation leads to Cashless society that will further increase credit access and financial inclusion. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    28. The banking system is improving as it will slowly head towards a cashless society. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    29. Banking System gets a boost, as more than Rs 7-8 lakh crore base money (new legal money) enters the system. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    30. Demonetisation will reduce the risk and cost of cash handling as soft money is safer than hard money. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

    31. Demonetisation has set the ball rolling for digital economy & created the fintech moment for India. #IndiaDefeatsBlackMoney

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