Thursday 20 January 2022
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BJP chief defends animal analogy for opposition

Shah said, "What I meant was political parties having no ideological similarities are coming together out of fear of Modi"

 Mumbai: BJP president on Friday made stinging remarks against the opposition parties trying to unite to take on the BJP in next year’s Lok Sabha polls by equating them to ‘snakes’, ‘Mongoose’, ‘dogs’ and ‘cats’.


“The countdown for 2019 (polls) has begun. Attempts are being made for opposition unity. When huge floods occur, everything is washed away. Only a ‘vatvriksha (banyan tree) survives and snakes, mongoose, dogs, cats and other animals climb out to save themselves from the rising waters.

“Due to Modi flood, all cats, dogs, snakes and mongoose are getting together to contest polls,” Shah said.

He was apparently referring to the efforts being made by various parties like the TRS, the Trinamool Congress and the TDP to sew up a coalition to take on the Modi-led BJP in the next general elections.

Meanwhile, the Congress slammed BJP president for using ‘abusive language’ while likening opposition parties trying to join hands against the BJP to ‘snakes’, ‘Mongoose’, ‘dogs’ and ‘cats’.

Unmoved by the criticism from opposition parties, BJP president defended his comparison of the rival parties to “snakes”, “Mongoose”, “dogs” and “cats” he made earlier in the day while addressing party cadres at the BJP foundation Day rally in Mumbai.

Defending his remarks which followed hours after the BJP event, he said, “All parties such as SP, BSP TMC, and Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP, their ideologies do not match but the fear of ji is bringing them together, and hence I used the example of snakes, mongooses, cats and dogs fearing the rising floods.”

Later, addressing a press conference, Shah said, “What I meant was political parties having no ideological similarities are coming together out of fear of Modi.” He was responding to questions over his remarks.

“Snake and mongoose have nothing in common. Let me take names: Samajwadi Party and BSP, Trinamool Congress and Congress, Chandrababu Naidu and Congress, they have nothing in common and no ideological similarities, but are coming together,” the BJP president said.


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