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Bihar witnesses Hyderabad-like horror: Rabri slams Nitish

Not one but two burnt corpses have been recovered in Bihar in 24 hours, adding to the list of a spate of crimes against women in the State


A girl’s burnt body found in the Buxar district of Bihar has made the State live the Hyderabad horror of last week. A forensic team is working to identify the dead body found in the area of jurisdiction of the Itadi police station while politics has intensified on the matter.

Former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi has questioned Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s silence over the incident. In fact, burnt dead bodies of two women have been found in Bihar in the last 24 hours. There is anger in the State about these incidents in Bihar where people fear the worst as in the Hyderabad rape-and-murder case. In the case of Bihar too, it is feared that the victims were subjected to Hyderabad-like brutality.

In the case of Buxar, it is feared that the victim was tortured to death although the police said that rape has not been confirmed yet. Shahbad DIG Rakesh Rathi said, “We have evacuated the area. Everyone has been asked to stay away from the scene of the crime so that we can gather evidence. The forensic team has worked overnight to find out the identity of the woman. Rape has not been confirmed yet.”

The forensic team was on the spot on Wednesday. This girl was probably raped, then shot dead and, finally, the body was burnt to obliterate evidence.

Bihar CM’s silence

Rabri Devi, the former Bihar Chief Minister and wife of RJD chief Lalu Prasad, tweeted, “The government apathy in the midst of news of gang-rapes everywhere is condemnable. Law-and-order has collapsed. It’s shameful for the civilised world and a democratic government to see the women of the State being subjected to despicable cruelty with government connivance.”

She posted another tweet where she wrote, “One wonders why the deceptive government of Bihar does not get hurt by the cruelty, barbarity and diabolism of rapists. In Bihar, little girls are being raped every day, but the heads of the government, far from getting hurt by these incidents, does not even utter a few words of empathy and shared grief.”

‘Such incidents have become normal’

In her third tweet, Rabri Devi accused the government of insensitivity. She wrote, “Such gruesome incidents of rape in Bihar have become easy, simple, and normal to an unusual, unethical and insensitive government.”

“Society, sensibilities and government are dead. Instead of taking strict measures against the wrongdoers, those in power are themselves involved in such heinous crimes and are becoming shields of these beasts,” the RJD No. 2 wrote.

Rabri’s son and former Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav alleged, “Crime rate has gone high after the formation of the JD(U)-BJP government in Bihar. Instead of going on a Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali Yatra (walk for water, life, vegetation), Chief Minister Nitish Kumar should carry out a campaign to eradicate crime and unemployment.” There is no point going on his current yatra when criminals are roaming freely in Bihar, he said.


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