Sunday 19 September 2021
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Biden reports arrival of Afghan interpreters who escaped Taliban regime

Washington is weighing how to help Afghans who do not qualify for the program but face particular threats; these people comprise women leaders, human rights activists and journalists

The first carrying Afghans who worked as interpreters for the US has arrived in America, President Joe Biden said on 30 July. This is the start of an operation to rescue thousands of Afghan officials from possible Taliban attacks.

Some 20,000 odd Afghans worked for the US since the 2001 invasion in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. They have applied for evacuation under the ’s so-called Special Immigrant Visas program.

Some estimates suggest that the total number of prospective evacuees under Operation Allies Refuge could be as high as 100,000 once family members are included.

Many of them fear retaliation from the Taliban, which has secured a vast swath of the country since foreign troops began the last stage of a withdrawal due to be complete by late August.

“Today is an important milestone as we continue to fulfil our promise to the thousands of Afghan nationals who served shoulder-to-shoulder with American troops and diplomats over the last 20 years in Afghanistan,” Biden said in a statement released by the White House.

Russ Travers, an official on the White House National Security Council, said the first arrivals numbering around 200 would complete health checks and other processing before being sent to new homes across the country.

“They have all completed rigorous security background checks conducted by the community, and the departments of state and homeland security,” Travers said.

Tracey Jacobson, the ’s Afghanistan Task Force director, said the arrivals would be taken to the Fort Lee military base near Petersburg, Virginia.

“They have all been Covid-tested, they’ve had a fitness-to-fly exam, and we have offered vaccines in Kabul to those who are interested in having them,” Jacobson told reporters.

“We will be offering those vaccines at Fort Lee.”

Then, with the help of the UN International Organization for Migration, they will be sent to new homes either with relatives already in the US or arranged by the IOM and State Department.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on 29 July reiterated Washington’s pledge to the locals who worked for the US mission in Afghanistan.

“(The) US is committed to helping those who helped us during hard times in Afghanistan over the last 20 years translators and interpreters,” Blinken said during a visit to Kuwait.

Officials said it would take time to vet each applicant and their family.

“We absolutely intend to continue this program after the pullout of troops” on August 31, Jacobson said.

“We’re going to be moving folks as fast as we logistically can,” she said.

Jacobson said Washington was weighing how to help Afghans who did not qualify for the program but face particular threats such as women leaders, human rights activists and journalists.

“The administration is considering a variety of different options,” she said.

The US Congress on 29 July unanimously passed a measure that provides $ 1.1 billion to the resettlement of Afghans who supported the US mission.

It now heads to the House, where it is expected to win approval and receive President Biden signature.

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