Monday 23 May 2022
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Biden provokes again, talks of World War III

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Provoking Russia constantly until Russian Vladimir Putin could not take the provocation of the prospect of Nato weapons getting installed at his doorsteps anymore seems to not have satiated US President Joe Biden enough. The American president is now talking “World War”!

Biden has said that America will defend “every inch” of Nato territory, even if it means World War III. He also rejected calls to intervene directly in Ukraine by establishing a no-fly zone that would almost certainly lead to a shoot out with Russia. In an address to the Democratic Party caucus in Philadelphia, Biden stressed strengthening US troop presence in Nato countries in Eastern Europe and speeding up military aid to Kyiv, but insisted that a direct intervention that is being urged by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and some US lawmakers is out of the question.

“Don’t kid yourself: No matter what you all say, that’s called World War III, OK?” he said. US lawmakers have repeatedly said establishing a no-fly zone over Ukraine will inevitably lead to a shootout with Russian jets.

But defending Nato territory is another matter; it is a “sacred obligation,” Biden said, disclosing that the US had moved 12,000 troops along the borders with Russia to countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Romania.

“As we provide this support to Ukraine, we’re going to continue to stand together with our allies in Europe and send an unmistakable message: that we will defend every inch of Nato territory. If they move once — granted, if we respond, it is World War III, but we have a sacred obligation on Nato territory,” he said.

Biden’s pledge came even as Russia warned that weapons convoys being sent to Ukraine would be “legitimate targets” for the Russian military. Pumping weapons to Ukraine from neighbouring countries “isn’t just a dangerous move, it’s an action that makes those convoys legitimate targets,” Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned.

While rejecting Kyiv’s plea to transfer 28 MIG-29s from Poland, the US is said to be transferring anti-aircraft and anti-tank missile systems calling them defensive systems that Ukraine needs to protect itself. US Vice President Kamala Harris confirmed earlier this week that two batteries of the Patriot air-defence system have been delivered to Poland.

Ukrainian politicians, including its embattled president, have been shaming the US for not getting involved more directly and vigorously in stopping the Russian invasion, with Zelensky going as far as euphemistically accusing US and Nato of cowardice in the face of Moscow’s actions.

“People, children are under the wreckage. Atrocity! How much longer will the world be an accomplice ignoring terror? Close the sky right now!” Zelensky tweeted earlier this week, urging Western nations to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

“Stop the killings! You have power but you seem to be losing humanity,” he said in another tweet.

Some lawmakers, mostly Republicans, have also taunted the Biden administration, accusing it of lacking courage. “Polish MiGs aren’t any more “escalatory” than the anti-aircraft missiles already sent to Ukraine, President Biden is just choosing to drag his feet on the transfer,” Senator Tom Cotton said this week, even as Democrats accused the GOP of first pandering to Russia during the Trump presidency.

Republican Congressman Brian Mast, a military veteran who lost both his legs in Afghanistan, told Fox News that he backed Nato imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine because one way or another the US was eventually going to get sucked into the conflict.

“As much as none of us wants to be in Ukraine, if we do nothing, ultimately, everybody will be forced to be in Ukraine as a result,” Mast told Fox News, adding that “none of us should be under this illusion that Putin is a rational actor or operates in a proportional way.”

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