Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Biden calls India ‘shaky’ on Ukraine issue

At the same time, Biden lauded the US-led alliance, including Nato, the EU and key Asian partners for their united front against Russian President Putin

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His own goof-ups in speeches notwithstanding, US President Joe Biden has said that India is an exception among American allies with its “shaky” response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Curiously, some time ago, the US had said it appreciated India’s compulsion to keep its ties with Russia intact and continue to with the sanctioned country.

Biden lauded the US-led alliance, including Nato, the European Union and key Asian partners, for its united front against President Vladimir Putin.

This includes unprecedented sanctions aimed at crippling Russia’s currency, international and access to high-tech goods.

However, unlike fellow members of the Quad group – Australia, Japan and the United States – India continues to purchase Russian oil and has refused to join votes condemning Moscow at the United Nations.

Addressing a meeting of US business leaders in Washington, Biden said there had been “a united front throughout Nato and in the Pacific.”

“The Quad is, with the possible exception of India being somewhat shaky on some of this, but Japan has been extremely strong – so has Australia – in terms of dealing with Putin’s aggression.”

Biden said that Putin was “counting on being able to split Nato” and instead, “Nato has never been stronger, more united, in its entire history than it is today.”

refiners have reportedly continued to purchase discounted Russian oil, even as the West seeks to isolate Moscow.

An Indian government official said last week that the world’s third-biggest consumer of crude relies on imports for almost 85 per cent of its needs, with Russia supplying a “marginal” less than one percent of this.

But “the jump in oil after the Ukraine conflict has now added to our challenges… India has to keep focusing on competitive energy sources,” the official said.

New Delhi, which historically has had close ties with Moscow, called for an end to the violence in Ukraine but has stopped short of condemning Russia’s invasion, abstaining in three votes at the United Nations.

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