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Bharat Mata statue uncovered: ‘Hindu victory’ or something else?

Sirf News had received the 'information' on 23 May but did not report it, finding it to be a routine law-and-order issue explained here


A controversy arose over the statue of Bharat Mata, after which it was covered in Kanyakumari. Due to this action of the district administration, there was anger among the people. Former MP and BJP leader Tarun Vijay has informed that now the cover on the statue of Bharat Mata has been removed, and thus Hindus have won. He said that the Collector of Kanyakumari has ordered the removal of the statue’s cover.

Tarun Vijay wrote on Twitter, “We won. Late-night collector ordered to restore statue #Kanyakumari to the original position. Today 10 am celebration, #BharatMataPujan. Now act against lawbreaker police. Congrats…”

On social media, people celebrated this order and said that if the public is determined, nothing is impossible; there is but a delay in raising the voice.

The controversy had erupted Issaki Amman temple where, according to a website, the district administration had covered the statue of Mother India “under the pressure of some missionaries”. ‘Indu Makkal Kutchi’ distributed pictures of Bharat Mata while protesting against it in Chennai.

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The president of the institution, Arjun Sampat, said that Mother India is the mother of entire countrymen. He accused Christians of targeting national interest issues. He said that many organizations including BJP leaders had appealed to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, after which it was decided to uncoil it. It is said about that temple that it is 200 years old. The land is a private property and a statue of Mother India wrapped in a tricolor sari was installed there.

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Sirf News‘s finding on controversy surrounding Bharat Mata statue

Images of the disturbed spot had arrived at our desk on Saturday (23 May). Finding the claim, same as the narrative above, worth reporting, Sirf News had contacted the police department in the area and found it to be a routine law-and-order issue.

An IPS officer posted in Tamil Nadu, while accepting the incident above had indeed occurred, said on the condition of anonymity that those who had installed the statue on the spot had not obtained police permission for the purpose. “We have asked them to apply for permission,” Prakash said.

For corroboration, Sirf News spoke to another IPS officer who said, “The statue was covered by police party, the DSP Kanyakumari has informed. But whether it was on a complaint of Christians is doubtful. Yesterday (22 May), this BJP district president went and removed the cover and was arrested.”

The second officer said, with the request of not being named, “Following this, they did protests everywhere in the district.” He added, “It seems that in Kanyakumari, any new work in the temple must have the approval of the EO or panchayat authority. This statue was installed on 17 May without any sanction and so it was covered, sir.”

The police sources said today that the installers of the Bharat Mata statue had obtained their permission and that “the issue is closed”.


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