Sunday 23 January 2022
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Bharat Biotech explains why Anil Vij contracted Covid-19 despite vaccine

The efficacy of Covaxin trials, based on a two-dose schedule given 28 days apart, is determined 14 days after the second dose, said the company that is developing the vaccine in collaboration with the ICMR

Anil Vij had tested Covid-19-positive yesterday, which became a piece of embarrassing news for the pharmaceutical industry as the world expects people to be protected from coronavirus on being inoculated while the Haryana minister had indeed been vaccinated before he tested positive. He took a dose of Covaxin, the country’s indigenously made vaccine to fight coronavirus, about 14 days ago.

Vij had volunteered for the trial of the indigenously developed Covaxin, where he was administered the vaccine dose.

After Vij was found to be Covid-19-positive, the vaccine manufacturing company, Bharat Biotech, has clarified that the clinical trials of Covaxin were based on two doses. It takes 28 days to take effect.

Bharat Biotech clarified that the efficacy of Covaxin is reflected 14 days after the second dose of the vaccine. The company said that the vaccine would be more effective if a person had taken both doses of the vaccine.

“Covaxin clinical trials are based on a two-dose schedule, given 28 days apart. The vaccine efficacy will be determined 14 days post the second dose. Covaxin has been designed to be efficacious when subjects receive both doses,” the biotechnology company said in a statement, reported news agency ANI.

The company added that as part of the trial, 50% of the participants received the vaccine while the others were administered a placebo. “The phase-3 trials are double-blinded and randomised, where 50 per cent of subjects (participants in the trial) receive vaccine & 50 per cent of subjects receive a placebo,” it said.

Didn't recieve second dose,' Bharat Biotech clarifies as Haryana minister  tests positive after Covaxin shot

Vij had volunteered to participate in Bharat Biotech’s human phase trials, in which over 25,000 persons were administered trial doses. On 20 November, Vij was the first in Haryana to be administerd the shot. Besides him, over 400 persons from Haryana, including Rohtak PGIMS’ Vice Chancellor Dr OP Kalra, participated in the trials.

Vij never took the second dose.

The Haryana minister has been admitted to the civil hospital in Ambala Cantonment after he tested positive. He was the first person in Haryana to voluntarily take a dose of this vaccine.

Bharat Biotech and ICMR are jointly developing indigenous vaccine Covaxin. The trial of the last phase of this vaccine is going on in different states of the country. The third phase trial of this vaccine was started in Haryana, among a few other states, last month. Health Minister Vij had volunteered to be a test subject, about 15 days after which he tested Covid-19-positive.

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