Friday 21 January 2022
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Bengaluru police to track down 3,000 missing Covid-19 patients

As many as 29,000 cases were reported in Bengaluru alone while Karnataka reported 229 deaths across the state in the last 24 h

Karnataka Revenue Minister R Ashoka on 28 April claimed that around 3,000 people infected with Covid-19 are missing from Bengaluru. He told reporters that the government has asked the police to track the missing people, even though many of them have switched off their mobile phones.

The minister assured that around 90% patients recover if they follow the procedure.

“We are giving free medicines to people, which can control 90% of cases, but they have (Covid-19 infected people) switched off their mobile phones. They reach the hospitals in a critical stage to desperately look for ICU beds. This is what is happening now,” the minister said in Bengaluru.

He requested those who have tested positive for the viral to keep their phones on so that the official responsible for contact tracing and follow-ups could reach them. “I pray to them with folded hands that Covid-19 cases will only increase due to this. It is wrong when you try for ICU beds at the last moment,” the minister said.

He said that several patients are trying to hide their whereabouts by turning their phones off. “At least 2,000 to 3,000 people in Bengaluru have switched off their phones and left their houses. We don’t know where they have gone,” the minister added.

The Karnataka government had recently increased its contact tracing activity after it was found that the officials in Bengaluru and other districts were tracing only 4 contacts per infected person, while the guidelines mandate tracing at least 20 contacts.

Karnataka on 28 April reported 39,047 new Covid-19 cases and 229 deaths taking the total active infections to 3,28,884 and the toll to 15,036. Out of the 39,047 new cases on 28 April, 22,596 were from Bengaluru, while 137 lost their lives due to the virus. The government has imposed a lockdown for 14 days restricting the unnecessary movement of people starting from 27 April night to contain the spread of the infection.

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